Artifactory PRO License Crack [6.6.0]

Artifactory PRO License Crack [6.6.0] 1.3

No permission to download
this injector need use every restart server? i use docker installation and after reboot docker container license gone.
where can i download the jar,but the repo can't access now.
checkout new link
Thanks. It worked perfect with 5.7, but doesn't work with 5.10.3.
I didn't try to figure it out yet, but there is no stdout while applying jar.
I can confirm this works with version 5.8.3. I love that the registration string is configurable. Thank you for your work and effort on this.
The best for use Artifactory for a long time
Works like a charm
yup, works for 5.4.6 but not for 5.5.x - Care to fix it?
checkout new version
Working perfectly. Sad that such a big company doesn't have a professional licence system.. ^^
thanks, recently found out price being $29,500/Year for enterprise version. thats disappointing :/