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Just Wallet v2.0.4 – Online Payment Gateway 2.0.4

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With the help of Just Wallet, you can in a few minutes create your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment processing! This script is amazingly similar to such large payment services as PayPal or Bitcoin!

Your client will be able to replenish the wallet in any currency, and through several payment gateways. The funds can be keeping on the wallet balance, exchanging for other internal currencies, and also withdrawal in third-party payment services, for example PayPal.

Just Wallet script created on framework Codeigniter and can be infinitely modify or customized according to your need!


  • User manager
  • Transaction manager
  • Disputes system
  • Account verification
  • Vouchers
  • Merchant system
  • IPN notification
  • Ticket system
  • Multilanguage
  • Notification system
  • Messages
  • Deposit and withdrawal funds
  • PayPal, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, ADV Cash integration
  • Сurrency exchange
  • Storing up to 6 currencies
  • Twailio SMS integration
  • Email and SMS editor
  • SEO settings
  • Activiti log
  • Fee manager
  • Request payment
and more…

Update 2.0.4 22/04/2018
- fixed security access
- fixed sms page for admin
- add reopen ticket button

Update 2.0.3 09/04/2018
- fixed system of invoices
- fixed buy items (prohibition on payment of own item)
- fixed redirection sign in
- fixed register email
- fixed pagination for sms template
- fixed link for payment merchant page
- fixed protect check form for money transfer
- fixed link for items - merchant
- fixed user variable for new ticket

Update 2.0.2 03/04/2018
- fixed buy now button

Update 2.0.1 03/04/2018
- fixed pagination fir admin panel -> items
- fixed add category
- fixed edit category
- fixed edit merchant
- add money transfer for user in Admin panel
- add withdrawal money for user in Admin panel
- add confirm button for bank deposit methods
- fixed header for mobile device
- fixed xss settings

Update 2.0 01/04/2018

- Codeigniter 3.1.6
- Bootsrap 4
- new code structure
- new template for user and admin site
- add deposit method Skrill
- add deposit method PayGol
- add deposit method Coinpayments
- add deposit method local Bank transfer
- add deposit for any currency
- add withdrawal method Skrill
- add withdrawal method Payza
- add code protection for money transfer
- add invoices systems
- add Shop merchants
- add cart and orders
- add hold balance
- add Live rate currency via API fixer
- add Gravatar API for transactions history
- add fee for money exchange
- add profit statistics
- add Two-factor authorization via app
- add Two-factor authorization via sms
- add Two-factor authorization via email
- add Google CAPTCHA
- add visual editor for page content
- add additional methods of checking deposits
- fixed and changed merchants systems
- fixed and changed IPN systems
- fixed and changed disputes systems
- fixed and changed support systems
- fixed and changed verification

and 100+ not global changes

Update 1.1.5 08/11/2017
- add extra XSS filter
Update 1.1.4 06/11/2017
- add XSS global filter;
- fixed SCI form Payeer;
- fixed SCI form ADV Cash;
- fixed SCI Bitcoin monitoring;
- add PSD file header;
- update IPN and FAQ documentation.
Update 1.1.3 26/09/2017
- fixed generation of payment method ADV Cash;
- fixed generation of payment method Payeer;
- added the ability to create a waiting transaction for a bank transfer;
- added the ability to manage the status of transactions;
- update documentation;
- other minor fixes.
Update 1.1.2 27/08/2017
- add voucher systems;
- integrate BlockChain in Deposit and SCI;
- add captcha in SCI wallet payment;
- fixed IPN PayPal;
- add email template "Make payment";
- add standing fee for deposit and SCI;
- fixed bags dispute systems;
- changed money transfer system;
- other small fix.
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