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myTeamSpeak ID Checker | Kick-Bot

myTeamSpeak ID Checker | Kick-Bot 1.5

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Additional Requirements
Tested and developed in PHP 7.2~.
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Planet TeamSpeak PHP-Framework.
The new myTeamSpeak ID Checking tool
I wrote the myTeamSpeakID-Checker in PHP.
At the moment, it is actually a very simple task to kick that user out of the TeamSpeak 3 server if he does not send the "client_myteamspeak_id" to the server at the same time.
Before kicking, the user is informed in more detail about the private chat. (The message can be customized in the config.php)
I will implement more features soon.
If you want new features, write me your wishes ;)
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Latest updates

  1. myTeamSpeakID-Checker v.1.5 | Kick-Bot - Anti Badges - myTeamSpeak ID

    [+] myTeamSpeakID-Checker v.1.5 - 14.08.2018 | Bug fixes, added anti badges methode...
  2. myTeamSpeakID-Checker v.1.3

    Added Client/Server checking methode.
  3. myTeamSpeakID-Checker v.1.2 | Bug fixes

    Small bug fixes.

Latest reviews

Can you implement Anti Badges? :)
That generally no badges should be allowed?
I can do that.