TerraBot - dynamic Banner & Move-Bot

TerraBot - dynamic Banner & Move-Bot

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Latest updates

  1. TerraBot 3.0 (the fastest Terrabot)

    UPDATE 3.0 ENGLISH change log Bot-Engine completely reworked. The bot is 150 times faster...
  2. UPDATE 2.7 - Erstelle so viele Filter du willst

    UPDATE 2.7 A new server was organized for our bot and the bot itself was optimized again. Thus...
  3. New powerful Server

    Since our server was completely overloaded recently due to a high request from users, we decided...

Latest reviews

Very good, thanks!
Thank you Perfect
it work perfectly with many options to customize the banner 1+
Soo good, support good.
Top notch love it. You fixed the One problem teamspeak has had for years. keep up the great work. :)