1. iKaros

    Tutorial How to get a .es domain for free?

    Hi all! I have been inactive for a long time in R4P3 and would like to return. The .es domain costs about $ 10 approximately, but I have a trick to get it for FREE. Steps: We open this links: / to generate an identity card and a...
  2. k-scripts

    [ PSD ] banner for teamspeak

  3. Asphyxia

    Windscribe Free 16GB VPN

    This video summarizes when and why you should use a VPN: Get free bandwidth for the VPN: If you are a gamer or just like technology, a VPN is something you should have! Feel free to reply sharing what VPN you use and what you like about it! P.S. to get...
  4. M

    Decode file.php

    Hello, Is there anyone able to decode one php file?
  5. kalle

    Free 240+ Udemy courses

    Hello, I wanna share with u 240+ free udemy courses. This was not made by me. Link I think this is updated reguraly.
  6. Joxiii

    Tutorial Adobe Admin Account Method | Create Unlimited Accounts | No Investment needed | LEAK

    Adobe Admin Account Method With this Ebook you can easily get Unlimited Adobe Admin Accounts. (WARNING ITS NOT LEGAL AND YOU COULD GET IN TROUBLE WITH IT! USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!) VT : Click here!
  7. Rikku

    Tutorial Creative Cloud 2017 (ALL Adobe Products)

    Hello R4P3 Community. Today i will show you how to get the Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 (All Adobe Products) for free. :) Step 1: The Key for the Download is: Step 2: After the Download, start the C-Cloud Adobe Installations Program and follow the Steps. :) Step 3: Start the Creative Cloud and...
  8. JoKeR

    Discussion [Free Trial] DDoS Protected Hungary Teamspeak

    Hello guys, we are happy to inform you about some new and unique teamspeak 3 location. The Teamspeak 3 server is located in Hungary and comes with some decent and unique ddos protection optimized for teamspeak. Location: Hungary - Budapest Slots: 40 Duration: 30 Days Link...
  9. A

    Discussion New and Free TeamSpeak3 server provider !

    Hi, today i want 'present' you a new website (with free domain, but this is not a problem) where you can create your free server :eek: It's really stable and no-laggy etc... There is the website : Idk if i put this 'discussion' in the right place, if i dont just move it...
  10. O

    Question What do you think about

    Hello Community, i like to ask you a question about do you think it is a great Free Teamspeak 3 link list? best regards, Obstkuchenlord
  11. Joxiii

    0,01 USD VPS 1GB RAM 1 Month!

    Hey Guys from R4P3.NET i wanna share this to you! Leave a like if it work for you! Go to and buy a 1gb vps the 6$ deal Register then enter coupon code "1cent" to get it for 1 cent. [/SPOILER] MOD EDIT: REMOVED BIT.LY LINK
  12. Betterfudge

    Free VPS for hosting Teamspeak Server?

    Hello everyone, after having multiple 3rd party free ts3 providers host for me and have the teamspeak go down permanently each time after a while, I am pretty desperate for a solution for free, private teamspeak server. I am aware that it is possible to host a server using a vps, however many of...
  13. Bluscream

    Free Teamspeak 3 Server Sponsors Overview

    FreeTS3.OVH Max Slots: 100 Max Time: Infinite Free Teamspeak Server Max Slots: 10 Max Time: 7 days FreeTS3 Max Slots: 32 Max Time: Infinite @0x0539 sry for stealing your idea :p (Source)
  14. A

    TeamSpeak3 Server 3.0.12 BETA 1

    How to install? 1) Add the following entries to your hosts file in "C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts" 2) Start the Accounting Server Emulator...
  15. JayJax

    Free vps? this maybe something for you!!

    I have been searching around to get a vps without paying ect ect, well no luck yet but got something that could make you smile. Im talking about : The only thing what you need to do there is to create a account and it will send you a password to connect to your own VPS. This...
  16. D - Clone Script

    Could someone imitate the script of ? Or copy ? So the ordering function