1. M

    Question Docker

    I have read this thread but unfortunately I have the kernel version 2.6, there is a way to use docker or a similar program? Sorry for my English..
  2. O

    Discussion - Docker customer Script [PREVIEW]

    Hello Community, i created a script to host more than 20 Sinusbot easy without a license over docker in Debian 8.0. All of this is programmed in PHP and uses MYSQL for the tables. Here a lithle Preview (ALPHA): UPDATE (CPU LOAD): 99,9% With 44 Bots each Customer have 2 Bots like for 22...
  3. Alligatoras

    Sinusbot - More Instances

    Hello everyone, If you like sinusbot, but you want to have more than two instances you can just request them! I know there are other post showing how to do that - but i will provide you another way! If you click on this link: you will see that you can...
  4. Muntadher Safaa

    Music Bot With Commands

    Hello Everyboy Im looking for bot that work with comands if you share it with me i will be greatfull Thanks!!!