1. XARON

    MAMP PRO 4.0.1 PRO Serial Number

  2. kalle

    TS3 Backup Script

    Nothing special, check it if u are interested. I made this almost one year ago and saw it now, so I decided to share it.
  3. AndryGabry

    first time connection

    how can I get the date of the first time connected to my ts with php?
  4. AndryGabry

    Commands bot with ts3 framework

    hi, I've been trying to learn how to use ts3framework for some time. in these days for this reason I tried to understand, how to create an event in which the bot receives a command from a user and it responds with an action or a message. but I did not succeed; so I ask who wants and time, if I...
  5. M

    Decode file.php

    Hello, Is there anyone able to decode one php file?
  6. kalle

    Tutorial TS3 Webchannel menager

    Hi all, few people here requsted this script for their TS3 servers. So I decided to make it and share it. So here you are. Github NOTE: - This script is fast-made so it means that its not perfect. So additional bugs may appear, ask me in thread for fix. - Dont delete channels from ts3 server...
  7. DrWarpMan


    Hello, I am using PHP banner (from here ) for like a couple of months, but, it supports only .png format, and I can't understand why, could someone please add support for gif image, or tell me how to do it please? Thanks for help.
  8. K

    Reqeust Script/PHP/MYSQL Coder (Create Channel, move users in to it)

    Hi i'm searching for a PHP/MYSQL Coder. we already have a php ts3 script that assign Groups via IP adress. We need that bc the user is going on a page - login in over the page on our teamspeak3 server - then the page know via IP which user on the teamspeak3 he is. after reload it will display...
  9. FR3SHL1NK

    [RELEASE] FTS3QueryBot [PHP]

    FTS3QueryBot Description : FTS3QueryBot is a set of scripts to animate your TeamSpeak with different tools. It is free under the condition of the GPLv3 license. Requirements : To run FTS3QueryBot, you will need to have some things: PHP 5 or more A query access on your TeamSpeak Tools ...
  10. kalle

    Small Planet TeamSpeak API PHP integration

    Hello, recently I created this script. Hope it will help someone. For now there are three functions, but in future maybe there will be other functions and code queries. Most useful of them are for server info like server status, clients, slots etc GitHub
  11. SossenSystems

    Discussion Hack the Planet is back!

    The old PHP-Server is back! The new IP from the 'Hack the Planet' TeamSpeak 3 Server:
  12. Kieran

    Monero Miner with TeamSpeak Rewards

    I initially wrote this project for my own community and people wanted to have the code too, so I cleaned everything up and published it. Users can register on your site and mine cryptocurrency for you as a donation. No need for them to download...
  13. kalle

    Import .sql files over phpMyAdmin upload limit 0.36b

    Hi, I recently ran into one problem and how name of the thread says, that is upload limit at phpmyadmin. Normaly someone would set upload value to bigger, but I used one php file called BigDump.php - its basically sql splitter who upload part by part whole database. Hope to help someone lazy as...
  14. Flynns82

    Question Registration page

    Hi, I found a script similar to the IconManager that automatically detects the user's uid on the site, I wanted to try to create a registration page based on that script and I did it: now I wanted to add two checks, which unfortunately I can not make it work: 1. Verify if the user already has...
  15. M

    Question Class 'TeamSpeak3_Exception' not found

    Hello, I've got a little problem, i have the error "Class 'TeamSpeak3_Exception' not found in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/teamspeak/Transport/Exception.php on line 32\n" How is it possible ? I have to import TeamSpeak 3 API PHP ^^ i cant speak english properly so i use google translation...
  16. D

    How whould you make a interactive conversation between a bot and user?

    Hi TS3 programmers community ;) I´m making a project that allows to X user of the server to interact, on the private chat, with a bot. The system that I have on my mind is the following one: (The following code is an example xddd) <?php //Wait for a message event... If ($message == "!help"){...
  17. Nicer

    Twitch/TS3 Subscriber Bridge

    Hello I have created a simple bridge to allow subscribers to get special icon on your TS3 Server. Script link: Things you will need: Your account id (set DEBUG to TRUE in config.php and call the script with $_GET['nick'] parameter. (For...
  18. C

    User Compare Script

    Name of the script: Server Compare Script Functions of the script: Hi Guys i have multiple Teamspeak servers and i would like to monitor/compare current online users across all my teamspeak servers Why do you want it: I Have found that some users tend to create problems/trolling on the servers...
  19. C

    Request for Script that will show me current online users and their IP Addresses.

    Name of the script: Compare Online Users`s Ip Address Functions of the script: This script should filter out which Teamspeak Users are using One of my multiple IP addresses on my server Why do you want it: I would like to use this to ensure all my users are using my server DNS name and not the...
  20. W

    Question How to sort Channels between two Spacer alphabetically ?

    Hey there, I'm looking for a php-script to sort all channels between 2 spacers alphabetically Name of the script: Channel-Sorter Functions of the script: Sorting Channels alphabetically Why do you want it: Because users can create their own channels on our server, which should get sorted...