1. B

    whmcs sinusbot

    Hello I have the auto sinusbot module. So, what do you do for direct login without the user? How can I? $SinusbotAPI = new Sinusbot( 'http://' . $params['serverip'] . ':' . $ContainerPort); $SinusbotAPI->login( 'admin', 'foobar' ); foreach ( $SinusbotAPI->getUsers() as $item...
  2. W

    Sinusbot behaviour

    A few minutes ago, Sinusbot's administrator Xuxe told a man that the error he's getting is about ts3server, and he needs to do upgrade. I told Xuxe if he provide us ts3 crack, it will be so easy to update ts3 server, and I almost got banned on forum......
  3. canturk

    Question Sinusbot more ip Blacklist

    Hello. recently sinsubot many ip took a blacklist (he took it to me) , what we need to do to get away from the blacklist , Will you edit hosts file, what you need to write ? or Sinsubot new version(0.11.0) Crack Is there ? Thanks. ip Blacklist S.S.
  4. InVaDeR359

    Question Anti-flood matter

    Well, I wonder if there is a way to connect large number of clients at once. I mean, I do not want to mess with the server antiflood settings but I need this to make my music bots connect at the same time so I won't be obliged to go into their control panel after every restart.
  5. N

    How to Instal YT for sinusbot

    First for my bad english , fist you need to go on your vps and go to cd /home/ts3soundboard/ After go to cd /home/ts3soundboard/plugins than go to this link and just follow the tasks
  6. J

    Question FAKE IP'S Sinusbot

    Hi guys , today i was installing sinusbot and all was perfect until i was trying to connect the bots to one of my teamspeaks. The hoster of that teamspeaks has forbidden the IP'S from sinusbot (i dont know why) and you can't connect with VPN and sinusbots... Can you help me trying to fake the...
  7. TeamOddity

    Sinusbot Script - Oddstats4PUBG 1.2

    You are able to request your Playerunknowns Battleground data via a custom command that you can set in your settings. The given data can also be altered before its being send to a user thats requesting his data. This Script is using an unofficial API from You can request an...
  8. anonz

    Solved Skip graylist Sinusbot

    Hi guys, I'm searching a skip for the graylist. Sinusbot can't connect on a server which is graylisted, because he has to click "Connect".
  9. X-Ecutioner

    Question SinusBot French Scripts

    ENGLISH: Hello everyone, I post here a question as to whether this may interest people .... Would you be interested in translating SinusBot scripts into French ? See the pictures below of the scripts that I have already translated and that work. Feel free to leave comments (In english only)...
  10. LeU5er

    SinusBot Webinterface - Default Credentials Scanner

    This thread includes: Default Credentials Scanner for SinusBot-WebInterfaces This tool trys to login to SinusBot webinterfaces with the default login data: "admin" & "foobar" How to use: 1. Start the executable: - Linux: "./R4P3-SBS" - Windows: "R4P3-SBS.exe" 2. Configure the scanner...
  11. angeloccrr

    Question More than one instance in only one machine? (vps)

    Hi , I ask if it was possible to create a panel for each bot on the same vps. See u soon.
  12. K

    Question SinusBot - 2 Instances - Have crack for unlimited instance?

    Someone have the crack for Sinusbot (With Scripts) for unlimited instances? Thanks you guys.
  13. K

    Question SinusBot - My instances having errors. NEED HELP FAST.

    On sinusbot when i click on Button Green, after 3 seconds the button comes to orange. and on Instance Log says: 2016-08-29T08:18:13+01:00 < CloseListener 2016-08-29T08:18:13+01:00 > CloseListener 2016-08-29T08:18:12+01:00 TSClient quit. LogLevel has been increased, please try to connect again...
  14. DrWarpMan

    Another Way to get more than 2 SinusBots / Instances?

    Hello, is there another way to get more than 2 SinusBots / Instances, because I found that with docker and ...but I don't have kernel version 3.10+ and I didn't see any tutorial how to install 3.10 kernel, so if you can help me please. If you have something that I can install kernel 3.10+ then...
  15. B

    Skip graylist for Sinusbot [Request]

    Hello, I'm searching a skip for the graylist. Sinusbot can't connect on a server which is graylisted, because he has to click "Connect". So.. I'm searching for a plugin. With best regards, Bernardo
  16. O

    Discussion - Docker customer Script [PREVIEW]

    Hello Community, i created a script to host more than 20 Sinusbot easy without a license over docker in Debian 8.0. All of this is programmed in PHP and uses MYSQL for the tables. Here a lithle Preview (ALPHA): UPDATE (CPU LOAD): 99,9% With 44 Bots each Customer have 2 Bots like for 22...
  17. Alligatoras

    Sinusbot - More Instances

    Hello everyone, If you like sinusbot, but you want to have more than two instances you can just request them! I know there are other post showing how to do that - but i will provide you another way! If you click on this link: you will see that you can...
  18. P

    Question SinusBot Hoster Version

    Hello everyone :) someone can point me where I can find the Hoster Version of SinusBot?
  19. ralph

    SinusBot 0.9.18 Unlimited instances [Ubuntu]

    Docker Script For SinusBot 0.9.18-8499d2c This requires you have a kernel version 3.10 or newer! Check with this command: uname -r Credits for my docker scripts goes to Qraktzyl I just rewrote his script to run the newer version. Original Post...
  20. W

    SinusBOT Bug.

    Hi guys, My sinusBot Working as well before i install a new teamspeak (crack) of this forum. Now he can't connect. i working on : Debian 7 Hosting : OVH Yatqa screen "Advanced" : Question ; What i need to change to connect it? if you need...