1. iKaros

    Tutorial How install wordpress?

    WARNING: EPIC ENGLISH COMING Hello guys, i am making videos to help people about websites and more. In videos you don't need speak spanish, english... because i am making the tutorials with music, its soo easy don't worry :) Down, you have the video. Enjoy it.
  2. kalle

    Free 240+ Udemy courses

    Hello, I wanna share with u 240+ free udemy courses. This was not made by me. Link I think this is updated reguraly.
  3. XRV-Webix

    Question Mikrotik tutorials

    Hello Folks. Anyone here has Mikrotik tutorials? It would be nice if someone has something on these topics: Firewall basics. Firewall advanced. BGP basics. BGP advanced. BGP blackholes. BGP DDoS protection using a community. Routing basics. Routing advanced. QoS and Shapping. VLan basics. VLan...
  4. Rikku

    Tutorial How to connect to a TS3 Server by its Server Nickname from a TS3 Deskop Client

    Instead of an IP address or domain, you can now enter a Server Nickname in the Server Address field of the connection dialog. See the Attached Files :) The client then tries to resolve this Server Nickname and connects to it, if the given name is registered. See the Attached Files :) This also...
  5. InVaDeR359

    Tutorial How to MassBan without a Plugin

    Hello, This is not exactly a tutorial but a simple method that I found out by myself a long time ago. Since I just got back to the forums I thought it would be nice to share something with this beautiful community. I was using this method a long time ago and it bans everyone even those with (...
  6. Kleberstoff

    Tutorial Make your own 'Extended' Skin

    This will be a small Tutorial and it will explain how you can get any Theme/Skin/etc. Before you start, you should consider making a backup of the style you want to edit. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 1: - Get a Skin you want to use. I'll be using Battlefield 4 for this Tutorial but...
  7. TrueStory

    Tutorial High-availability for TeamSpeak Servers [saved but still writing the post]

    [still writing it] Hi all, Fist of all I would really like to keep this as a VIP tutorial instead of a general one, I will write something for the general public as well but not like this one :) Although I am always around the forum every day, my contributions(other than VIP) are not that...
  8. Asphyxia

    Tutorial How To Make/Develop TeamSpeak 3 Plugins

    This is episode 1, there will be many more parts to come to this series. Let me know what you think so far. Like the music? Hate the background music? Is my voice too boring, should I get a girl to speak for me? Let me know everything you think, I want to know --- I care. ;)
  9. shockli

    How to Perform a DDoS Attack

    This is being released in the VIP section because I will be using it for IT projects at uni, and will need to be able to verify the authenticity of my papers. Introduction: Firstly, let’s start with what a DDoS attack is. It's a Distributed Denial of Service attack. This is a lot different than...
  10. XURY

    Tutorial Malware Research | "Bypass"

    Hey guys :) ! Sadly some people urgently felt the need to exploit the RFI Vuln in Teamspeak for malicious purposes and some still do. So now you may ask how to find out the IP of their server which their 1337.bat is located on without changing your teamspeak client version... Here is the...
  11. Betterfudge

    Tutorial Teamspeak Ban Bypass: Alternate Method (plus solution to blocked vpn)

    Having done extensive experiments with the teamspeak 3 ban system, I have compiled information on bypasses. First however, I will share my results for the vpn tests that I have done. Thanks to ehthe's and bl4uni's information on iptables I have been able to pull this off sucessfully. So I use...
  12. Gonçalo Santos

    Sinusbot- 6 instances (LINUX)

    Working in a new method!