Anti-DDoS, ATHP and less spam (hopefully)

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    We are very happy to announce some changes to make the forum less spammy and hopefully a little bit more clear.

    We removed the TeamSpeak hoster section, the DDoS forum in the software section and moved them into a new section called Hosting which now also allowes verified people to introduce their services such as Server Hosting or TeamSpeak Hosting.
    Of course we dont want new spam to be posted there, so in order to get the according permissions, you do have to apply to @Supervisor to get the according groups.
    The new groups are Hoster which will be able to post new content in Server Hosting,
    ATHP which is a verified and legit TeamSpeak reseller and may post in TeamSpeak Hosting,
    we also introduced THP which were not able to provide a valid TeamSpeak license. However they are also allowed to post in the TeamSpeak Hosting.

    Please note:
    • We will inform ATHP hosters only about upcoming servercrashes early. We do want to do that, in order to not harm legit, and paying customers of TeamSpeak.
    • For your application to be succesfull, please read here for more information
    I also clearified the rules regarding DDoS talk, that should also help.
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    How do people "provide" a valid ATHP license? TeamSpeak tells people not to give their license file to anyone outside their company and may get their license suspended if they do.
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    Ahhh okay I didn't even know that this exists. Good to know

    Yea I'm not an ATHP. I just wanted to know ^^ Thx
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