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Artifactory PRO License Crack [v5.0.0-5.5.1]

Tutorial Artifactory PRO License Crack [v5.0.0-5.5.1] 1.1

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iooi submitted a new resource:

Artifactory PRO License Crack [v5.0.0-5.4.6] - Artifactory PRO License Crack [v5.0.0-5.4.6]


i did develop an artifactory pro licensing bypass for own purposes. Now im sharing this resource, because I didnt find any other cracks.
This may work for newer versions than 5.4.6.

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It work with v5.6.0 released the last week (15-Nov-2017) ;)
After upgrade, I had to reset the admin password because it could not access the administration with other users.
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