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Discussion in 'Server' started by Pucur, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Pucur

    Pucur New Member

    Hey! Today i went to my server as normal guest, and there is a guest serverquery client, who spamming this message every 5 minutes to all user in pm:

    <14:53:34> "Server": Create You Free TeamSpeak 3 Server 100 slots :
    <14:53:34> "Server": Erstellen Sie Ihre kostenlose TeamSpeak 3 Server, 100 Steckplätze :
    <14:53:34> "Server": Cree su servidor gratuito TeamSpeak 3, 100 ranuras :
    <14:53:35> "Server": Créez votre serveur gratuit TeamSpeak 3, 100 slots :
    <14:53:35> "Server": Crea il tuo libero TeamSpeak 3 Server, 100 slot :
    <14:53:35> "Server": Ücretsiz TeamSpeak 3 Sunucunuzu olu?turun, 100 yuva :

    how i could ban this guy?

    Please help me!
  2. Nicer

    Nicer Trial Moderator

  3. Pucur

    Pucur New Member

  4. Nicer

    Nicer Trial Moderator

    So he is probably logged in or he is an user.
  5. vecas

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  6. Ridicc

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  7. kecdpt

    kecdpt Member

    I'm getting this same crap on my server how can lock this?
  8. MadKill

    MadKill Active Member

    block port query and allowed only for your ip easy.

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