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Discussion in 'Other' started by Benjo, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    I've finally decided I want to go into VPS reselling, I will be using OVH GAME dedicated servers to resell but here are some basic start up questions:

    OpenVZ VS KVM?
    Any good panels paid or free to manage multiple dedicated servers + all VPS's?
    Any tips?

  2. Brooke

    Brooke Member

    Me as a customer would prefer KVM.
  3. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributing Member

    Solusvm and whmcs.

    I will be starting ovh game vps reselling for R4P3 in about 3 days, I welcome you as a future competitor :p
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  4. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    Just doing background research on other VPS resellers, I looked into gamingpower.eu and it seems that their plans are considerably cheaper than bigger companies like ExtraVM. Is there a catch? Or are they not using an ANTI-DDOS GAME dedi?
  5. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributing Member

    Depends if you oversell or not. I don't know about gamingpower but knowing Mike from extravm I know he doesn't oversell. Openvz is very easily oversold.
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  6. Datalow

    Datalow Active Member

    Gamingpower.eu don't use the Anti DDoS Game Servers.
    They use a "Hosting Server" from OVH (Anti DDoS Pro) + Cisco ASA Firewall.
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