Question blazingfast or nfoservers?

Discussion in 'DDOS Protection' started by Axel, May 18, 2017.

  1. Axel

    Axel New Member

    Hello, I would like to know if "blazingfast" is better ddos protection for ts3 than "nfoservers"
  2. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Super Mod

    Here goes another DDoS thread again...

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  3. linuxman

    linuxman Member

    BlazingFast : is better ddos protection for ts3

    NFOServers : Depends on how well you setup the filters.If you go over 10+ gigabits per second on a attack, they'll nullroute your IP but won't shut down your server(It is recommended to have at least 2+ IPs).NFOServers not are the better solution for mitigate ddos attacks.
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  4. skinas

    skinas VIP

    Just like he said. When comparing these two its pretty simple Nfoservers will nullroute large attacks. Blazingfast won't.
  5. sh4c4w

    sh4c4w New Member

    WHat i like about NFo is that they are highly adaptable. It's true that most of the skids ddosing ppl r just using booters, which most of the times are justa few servers with a lot of power instead of a lot of zombies. It's also true that nfo null route u after 20gbps, but instead of telling to fk off ,they try to explain to u whats happening and understand ur needs, and sometimes due to the close contact with theyir peering, even blocking the booter's IPs on the upper-edge is possible.

    Also John is a neat guy and nfo is one of the few companies that have my respect for not advertising FULL DDOS PROTECTION OF 100TB OF JESUS WIELDING A FIRE SWORD OF SATAN.

    I don't know how's blazingfast nowadays (after dropping voxillity), heard they got pretty good actually,
    but most of the companies got firewalls with default or custom filters, if the attack pierce this, u r fuckd and that's it.
    If ur 8 dollar vps on nfo get attacked and pierce their protection, they r willing to even create custom filters based on the attack u recieveing (yes, on an unmanaged service). instead of keeping u on null-route.

    So my choice on US is still NFO.
  6. skinas

    skinas VIP

    Its not possible/its no use to block IPs now in days since they are spoofed.
    Also blazingfast is been blocking any kind of ddos game, voip or l7 but they have to analyze it in case is some custom method. I have been with nfoservers for more then 3 times all of them I was nulled even though I liked their client firewall features
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  7. Axel

    Axel New Member

    I think I'm going to opt for nfoserver thanks guys
  8. BlackNetwork

    BlackNetwork New Member

    BlazingFast is very good! I have TS3 on blazingfast and you can test protection for ts3.
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