Bot developers abusing their bots popularity

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    Hey, i know about that since some time ago but i decided to share this cause i got a victim of them.

    As you may know there are a plenty bots for Discord out in the woods, and some of them got very popular:

    All of the listed bots can be 'rented' for free and cause of that it's very easy to set the bot up for your server. But cause of the new OAuth2 system admins don't take a closer look at the permissions they give out for bots. For example the RH1-N0 bot by SexualRhinoceros provides the following invite URL in his official documentation:
    which gives the bot way more permissions then he will ever need:

    What concerns me even more is that the bot is begging for more permissions if you take his permissions from him:
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    Also in popular bots we can find user blacklists that auto-ban users on every server they are on, even if the server admin is not okay with that. The only way to prevent the banning is taking the ban/kick permissions from that bots. Mostly Mods/Admins don't even recognize that someone got banned by a bot.

    A example of such a blacklist can be found in the sourcecode of the RH1NO Bot:

    I heard from other people that they got blacklisted from closed source bots and therefor can't join any servers that use these bots.

    I personally got on such a blacklist on Boobot and RH1-N0.
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