Counter Strike 1.6 Redirects


WickeD CSA
Counter Strike 1.6 Redirects that are undetectable in gametracker even the redirects rank in gametracker like a normal cs 1.6 server !

If you have a cs 1.6 server and you are searching for methods to have players on the server this is the best and cheapest method !
What you need is some vps servers from any country do you want !
The method redirects players on your cs 1.6 server when they connect on the fake cs 1.6 servers that you make on vps servers !
1 redirect undetectable gametracker consume 512 MB of RAM
The redirect no gets NR in gametracker

I give proof in PM !

Here is an 1 % of evidence of players that i redirect on my cs 1.6 server every day !
With 15 fake servers i redirect 1000 players a day on my server !


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