DDoS attack with r4p3.net payload

Discussion in 'Network' started by Hydra, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Hydra

    Hydra Member

    Hello guys,
    I analyzed an attack which hits one of our teamspeak nodes and it contains some "funny" payload:

    Its not even hard to mitigate this type of attack but its weird to see this payload lol :p

    Greetings Hydra
  2. ehthe

    ehthe Contributing Member

    Some people just want to be famous (kids mainly)
  3. Derp

    Derp TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team Contributor

    KEK X)
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  4. Nýuu™

    Nýuu™ Active Member

    • Don't post any links to actual DDOS scripts.
    yeah pretty sure its xts3
    I am pretty sure the attack is from defcon.pro btw :p
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