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Hi there !

Today I'm gonna release my first hosting platform.
What you can find ?
- VPS SSD (This product have best hardware comparing with RAM/Voxility VPS Servers and a profession AntiDDoS protection but remeber NOT FOR GAMING! )
- VPS RAM (This product have huge RAM amount for a small charge, same AntiDDoS protection as VPS SSD)
- VPS Voxility (This product have good hardware specs but his strong it's Voxility AntiDDoS with mitigation 1 TBps)

- Dedicated Game Servers (Most powerfull AntiDDoS available and up to 16 extra IP addresses with no-monthly fees)
- Ultimate Game Servers (Unbelievable Hardware and Most powerfull AntiDDoS available and up to 256 extra IP addresses with no-monthly fees)

- Domain names.

We planning to create packages for Webhosting (we work for Cloud Webhosting based on KVM VPS server with Dedicated IP Address), VPN Hosting with Dedicated IP Address and also a AntiDDoS tunnel for Game servers hosted far away.

How you can pay ?
- Paypal (Balance or Credit/Debit Card)
- Direct Credit/Debit Card
- SMS Romania only
- ASAP paysafecard, right now we deal with them and just submitted requested documents.


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