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What do we add to the forum?

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  1. Website Security

  2. Software Security

  3. Programming

  4. Skype Security

  5. Network Security

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  1. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    R4P3 is growing rapidly, we are excited to have new members and we especially enjoy seeing everyone contribute on our forum. We have to grow the forum into something larger, not just focus on TeamSpeak 3. So, please reply to this thread with any of your thoughts/ideas on which additional categories we could add and most importantly what you think we should add. These categories can be broad or narrow, for example it could be software security or you could just say Skype security. Please make sure to include your response as tags/topics in a list like:
    • Skype Security
    • Software Security
    • WordPress Security
    • Website Security
    Let us know what sounds good to you and especially what you think you would engage in discussion about --- because we want you and all of our other members to be active, happy and always ready to share some knowledge just as much as they learn.
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  2. cROWN

    cROWN Active Member

    Website & Skype Scurity would be nice, maybe add aa Poll to this Thread :)
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  3. 0vert1m3

    0vert1m3 Contributing Member

    I woud rly like too see a Python / Lua Seaction
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  4. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    We will be adding a poll after this thread does what it is supposed to do. I want to get a list of topics and then add a poll --- from the ideas shared by the community.
  5. IMAGIN8

    IMAGIN8 New Member

    Skype Security & Website Security.
  6. akimbo62

    akimbo62 New Member

    Skype and Website Security
  7. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    What about security-oriented programming also? For example, focusing on properly validating, sanitizing and overall authenticating plus securely storing information/data? :p

    I also like the idea of explaining how game hack protection works as a community, anyone else?
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  8. skokkk

    skokkk Contributor

    Wordpress security definitely. I'm a bit into that ;)
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  9. Pider2k3

    Pider2k3 New Member

    Since we targetted first the Teamspeak software and afterwards Discord i would stay at this section and try to focus on Skype first.
    I would not start to try to concentrate on Wordpress or similar since this is by far another section and if we start with Wordpress we could also start with the thousand other CMS's...
    I am willing to contribute and help in the forums if I see it growing. Have high technical and social skills.

    So my answer is:
    Skype Security
  10. L.

    L. Contributing Member

    Skype, Website and Software Security
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  11. Kaptan647

    Kaptan647 Contributor

    Skype, Website And Data Security could be good.
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  12. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributing Member

    Skype & Website security.

    ~Can't wait for the poll.
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  13. 0day

    0day Contributor

    OH Skype for sure, already have a few tricks up my sleeves lol.
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  14. kingston

    kingston Contributor

    Skype absolutely. I hate it so much since the very beginning. This software was even banned in several countries due to the fact that there were so many interesting, secret opcodes in it able to do much more than just allow voice chats. And i believe it can do even more now since it became a microshit/nsa toy.

    Some basic reading on previous success story: http://geeknizer.com/skype-protocol-obfuscation-security-source-code/

    I also think that writing an open source teamspeak client (or server) would be even cooler thing to do :)
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  15. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

    Skype & Website security.
  16. winzi

    winzi VIP

    Wordpress and Website Security would be nice :D
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  17. XTR3M3K

    XTR3M3K New Member

    Software and Website Security :>

  18. Asphyxia
    hi my dear friend
    i will help your forum in any side . count on me ;)
  19. anibalabel

    anibalabel New Member

    Website Security.
  20. Kirill

    Kirill Member

    Website, Data Storing & Skype Security.

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