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  1. ixM7MDz

    ixM7MDz Member


    I want to open a discussion about fistcolo firewalls and migiration
    So anyone has tried firstcolo please tell us :)
    What do you think about it ?.
    ALL <3:rolleyes:
  2. ikfes

    ikfes Member

    I had vps from livingbots which uses firstcolo. I attacked it using vDos stresser and got the entire node down with any TCP based attacks. It tanks UDP like mad though.

    Overall, rather medicore.
  3. ixM7MDz

    ixM7MDz Member

    OKAY , But i tried to attack my friend server He had i didecated server drom firstcolo and he have a firewall so he can block and accept what he wants i tried to attack hem with tcp....nothing
  4. nevernofear

    nevernofear New Member

    here is the big diffrence living bots vps can taken down but dedicated protection is very good you need 60+ Gbps for 1 server i tried 1 of them 1 month ago and its took %80 of my total power
  5. linuxman

    linuxman Member

    You will no have problem now, after she was closed :p
  6. Nýuu™

    Nýuu™ Active Member

    Lock down a Server because of incoming DDoS is just ridiculous, dont even have to point this one aut. o_O
  7. bronxaron

    bronxaron Restricted

    I can down last month :p
  8. qwerty123

    qwerty123 New Member

    It is alright but you can down it with a tcp-bypass attack such as wizard aka tcp flag rotation
  9. Nýuu™

    Nýuu™ Active Member

    That only works on the VServer on the root server they limit tcp af but 120Gbps ~5min and they null your server for 1 hour.
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  10. MadKill

    MadKill Active Member

    and if you use vps "localhost" to attack the same host ? internal ddos. Try :p
  11. Nýuu™

    Nýuu™ Active Member

    The Firewall works internal too :)
  12. Qwe2390

    Qwe2390 VIP

    Just buy a VPS from Hosteam you will never get down.
  13. bronxaron

    bronxaron Restricted

    Brownstarteam can down hosteam :/
  14. Qwe2390

    Qwe2390 VIP

    No They Cant , I Have talked with them he says that he cant take it down. He also uses hosteam on his teamspeak server.
  15. bronxaron

    bronxaron Restricted

    Soon the vulnerability find :D
  16. MadKill

    MadKill Active Member

    hosteam ? kkkkk
  17. chuga2

    chuga2 VIP

    hosteam have a ddos protection just for dedicated server
    not for VPS server
  18. root012

    root012 Member

    OpenVZ VPS on hosteam have DDoS protection...
  19. null3d

    null3d VIP

    OpenVZ shares ressources between machines on the same node.


    To all your answers until now:

    1) There is no host no one can get down.
    2) You don't need a bypass for every damn thing.
    3) Why host @ Firstcolo DC if there are way cheaper and better alternatives? (Voxility HQ, OVH LQ IP Routing)
    4) Does every single one of you experience DDoS frequently? I have a hosting service and didn't experience a DDoS on any Server in my network for 1.5 years.
    5) Whoever has a DDoS protection for a Dedicated Server, has a DDoS Protection for VPS too since they are provisioned on those. If not, the hoster must have turned it off for your IP Adress which would be highly unlikely since it could affect other customers on the same node.
    6) FirstColo is not bad, but definitely no alternative for OVH and not even in the same league as Voxility.
  20. BlaZe

    BlaZe Member

    Well game servers have a very very high risk of ddos because of salty kids in the community that pay for stressors...
    With that said I agree with everything else

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