Free vps? this maybe something for you!!

How bad is my english?

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Apr 28, 2015
I have been searching around to get a vps without paying ect ect, well no luck yet but got something that could make you smile.

Im talking about :
The only thing what you need to do there is to create a account and it will send you a password to connect to your own VPS.
This VPS is from my point completely unlimited, what i mean with that you have root access to it, you can do all your stuff on it without any problems.
It has a 1Gbps line shared, and most of the time you have around 600/800Mbps Down and about 400/800Mbps Up.

Keep in mind when using the server for whatever reason : DNSAMP, Hping, SQLIN, every other kind of hacking, just do it within one day.
Their administrators aka team is really active. When i used the server to dos my dedicated box for the anti ddos script ( Black Hole ). but i got detected by them within a minimal amount of time.
Heard people talking it could take a day for them to ban your account.

So free vps root access :
If getting banned or being called to the door of the police department is nothing of my business, i just share information i gained overtime being on the interwebs.

Greetz JayJax.
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