Question How do i get the badges ?

Discussion in 'Other' started by iiOne, Dec 9, 2016.


is it got idea to put badges on teamspeak

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. i don't know

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  1. iiOne

    iiOne Member

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  2. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

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  3. iiOne

    iiOne Member

    i'm so sorry :D
    Thanks for the reply :oops:
    can you edit the vote please
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  4. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    done ;)
  5. Swok

    Swok Member

    everyone can see the badge? :eek:
  6. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    yes, but it works only from client version 3.1
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  7. Szczot3k

    Szczot3k New Member

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