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    In the VIP section we will share content that is too good for the public. We do this so that developers don't have access to the exploit/vulnerability ---this makes it harder for a patch to be developed and allows VIP members to have more time to have fun!

    There are four ways to get access to the VIP section:

    1) Being active, posting good quality threads and answers to the entire forum over an extended period of time. When we think you are a great resource to this forum, then we'll add you to the VIP group. (Contributor)

    2) You may donate $7.5/1 Month or $10/3 Months or $30/12 Months or $99/Lifetime with paypal or stripe (in stripe use the bitcoins method) in the Forum "Account Upgrades".(VIP) (VIP)

    3) Sometimes we will make a little contest. This will be most likely about little plugins or little programs. Your task will be to create them.
    If you manage to do so, you can post them into the Get VIP Access node.
    You will need to add the script / plugin / program and the source code to it (thats only to make sure you did not hide anything in it o_O).
    If you did great, you will get a free VIP membership for lifetime. :D (VIP)​

    4) As an alternative, you may also come up with something on your own. It would be benefitial to ask us about it first. So we don't have to decline something you put a lot of work into.

    Remember: You are not allowed to copy any stuff from the VIP section to the public section or to another forum. Doing so will suspend your VIP status!
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