Tutorial How To Get Free Vps Server

Discussion in 'Hacking' started by hamza32231, Nov 13, 2016.

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    How To Get Free Vps Server For 3 hours
    step 1: Enter Here : https://www.virtualmaster.com/en
    step 2: Then Click on START SERVER NOW
    step 3: put Your Email if you want put your phone number
    step 4: go to your email to CONFIRM REGISTRATION
    step 5: Login and go to the dashboard
    step 6 : add server
    step 7 : add server info
    step 8 : boot the server
    step 9 : Congratulations Free Vps For 3 Hours
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    Hacking category, Hm...
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    Hmm he ask for my email in H4ck fourm also he is banned :eek:
    that does not seem
    safe :rolleyes:

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