Tutorial How to get unlimited social media: Follows, subscribers, retweets, favorites, likes etc.

Discussion in 'Windows' started by 0x0539, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. 0x0539

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  2. trackxart

    trackxart Member

    I also get account locked, I think use instagram likes is better than follows in twitter. You can like 350 pictures +- per day
  3. 0x0539

    0x0539 Super Mod

    I use them all, I switch off when I feel like I've done enough for one.
  4. Swok

    Swok Member

    2x Facebook doesn't work :/
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  5. K4ppa

    K4ppa New Member

    I'm actually on a test run with the twitter tweets script.
    But after 3-5 tweets, addmefast is asking for a spam block. So I have to click on "I'm not a bot!"

    Thats totaly angry...
  6. Roberto

    Roberto Member

    Twitter and Instagram Doesent work for me. The Macro dont Follow the account.
  7. XarkezPL

    XarkezPL New Member

    Can you give us script download link ?
  8. hey can you help me with that ? at me it opens not in tab, but in a other way , so pls help me :)

    sry for my bad english
  9. Ridicc

    Ridicc Super Mod

    Could you please give us a closer definition of "in a other way"?
  10. Crysix

    Crysix Member

    It doesn't really work hmm. The script does everything except liking the posts. Can you maybe help me?
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