Question How to make a Counter Strike Local Server?

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike 1.6' started by anajames, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. anajames

    anajames New Member

    Hello all, i want to know how can i make a counter strike server that can be used only with me and a couple of my friends to play.
    I am guessing it is a very basic question, but i am new to this. So, far i am playing with the built in mod.
  2. LetsBlade

    LetsBlade Member

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  3. Rikku1337

    Rikku1337 Member

    Enable console in options
    Start an "offline with bots" match
    open console and type "sv_lan 1"
    Give the other guys your IP address (type Status in console to see it)
    Other players then type "connect <YOUR IP> " in the console
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  4. anajames

    anajames New Member

    Hey, thanks for the guide, will try it out soon and update for sure.
  5. Rikku1337

    Rikku1337 Member

    Is this cracked or normal? You can try a Server that is hosted on Windows or Linux.
  6. anajames

    anajames New Member

    What do you mean cracked or normal?
  7. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

    Don't forget to open 27015 port on your router.
    If you didnt do that your friends will unable to connect to your server.
  8. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me VIP

    If you bought the game or got it illegally.
  9. anajames

    anajames New Member

    cracked it is?

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