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List any programming/scripting languages you are interested in sharing security-related code/source for. Ex: PHP, Java, C#, C++.. don't copy my list. Just include what you are interested in and will share security-related code for. :p
I'd like to see APL, PHP, C++, Haskel, and maybe some perl or python (python just for fun) :p but really I'd love to see APL coding.
Brainfuck, Malbolge, GolfScript... no I'm not listing esoteric languages in an attempt to be funny, why do you ask?

In all seriousness, JavaScript + HTML5 is a combination that still has a lot to be explored in terms of security.
(scripting languages) JS (+ajax and jquery), VBS, batch, bash
(programming languages) C#.NET, VB.NET, PHP, C, C++
(other) HTML4+5, CSS (also CSS3)


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Java, Javascript, C, C++, Python - Already exist.
Rust, Assambler, Intel - att syntax, Atmel avr - Don't exist.
Reply options -> Insert Code -> Language.

In xf2 this is an option that unfortunatetly, we can't change on our own.

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