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Discussion in 'Network' started by developerm, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. developerm

    developerm New Member

    Hello guys,

    I have questions about udp proxy redirect and i want ask for isp or network master r4p3 member.
    You know some firewall, ddos mitigation services using udp proxy redirect method.

    This method's logic is one ddos protected server (for example: servers) udp port redirect to another non-protected vps server.
    For example working logic: port: 1111 -> (redirect to) port: 9987
    So you connect you will auto redirect to
    So if we do this then user will cant know our non-protected server ip and we have protected our non-protect server.

    And my question is how can we do this?

    Already thanks for all comments.
    (Sorry for bad english)
  2. graphic

    graphic New Member

    Install a GRE tunnel. Then you can use the protected ip to connect to your server.
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  3. developerm

    developerm New Member

    Gre tunneling logic is all traffic coming before protected server and outgoing to non-protect server.
    I dont want this shit, i mean only redirect with udp protocol.
    So like cloudflare SRV records. (only for safely redirect)
    Thanks for your idea.
    Anybody have another solutions?
  4. JoKeR

    JoKeR Member

    Simply setup a gre tunnel. Anything else will not work and its easy to get your real ip. Because teamspeak need the real server ip to communicate ;)
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  5. developerm

    developerm New Member

    I think i will try gre tunneling but before my quest continues.
    Guys do you have any idea?
  6. Agusanz

    Agusanz Contributing Member

    Use a GRE Tunnel. lmao
    Did your quest end already?
  7. Datalow

    Datalow Active Member

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