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Sep 14, 2015
Hello R4P3 Community.
I will try to list here all Badges which you can get. :)
yfoAbeC.pngCreator of TeamSpeak Addon
GUID: 1cb07348-34a4-4741-b50f-c41e584370f7
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/1cb07348-34a4-4741-b50f-c41e584370f7/addon_author
gamescom_2016_16.png Registered during Gamescom 2016
GUID: 50bbdbc8-0f2a-46eb-9808-602225b49627
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/50bbdbc8-0f2a-46eb-9808-602225b49627/gamescom_2016
paris_gamesweek_2016_16.png Registered during Paris Games Week 2016
GUID: d95f9901-c42d-4bac-8849-7164fd9e2310
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/d95f9901-c42d-4bac-8849-7164fd9e2310/paris_gamesweek_2016
gamescom_2014_16.png Registered at Gamescom 2014
GUID: 62444179-0d99-42ba-a45c-c6b1557d079a
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/62444179-0d99-42ba-a45c-c6b1557d079a/gamescom_2014
paris_gamesweek_2014_16.png Registered at Paris Games Week 2014
GUID: d95f9901-c42d-4bac-8849-7164fd9e2310
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/fa3ece28-64df-431f-b1b3-90844bfdd2d9/paris_gamesweek_2014
addon_author_bronze_16.png Creator of at least 1 TeamSpeak Addon
GUID: 450f81c1-ab41-4211-a338-222fa94ed157
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/450f81c1-ab41-4211-a338-222fa94ed157/addon_author_bronze
addon_author_silver_16.png Creator of at least 3 TeamSpeak Addons
GUID: c9e97536-5a2d-4c8e-a135-af404587a472
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/c9e97536-5a2d-4c8e-a135-af404587a472/addon_author_silver
addon_author_gold_16.png Creator of at least 5 TeamSpeak Addons
GUID: 94ec66de-5940-4e38-b002-970df0cf6c94
URL-Basis: http://badges-content.teamspeak.com/94ec66de-5940-4e38-b002-970df0cf6c94/addon_author_gold
gamescom_2017_16.png Visited at Gamescom 2017
GUID: 534c9582-ab02-4267-aec6-2d94361daa2a
URL-Basis: https://badges-content.teamspeak.com/534c9582-ab02-4267-aec6-2d94361daa2a/gamescom_2017
hero_2017_16.png Gaming Hero at Gamescom 2017
GUID: 34dbfa8f-bd27-494c-aa08-a312fc0bb240
URL-Basis: https://badges-content.teamspeak.com/34dbfa8f-bd27-494c-aa08-a312fc0bb240/hero_2017
MIFCOM | Entered Performance
GUID: 7d9fa2b1-b6fa-47ad-9838-c239a4ddd116
URL-Basis: https://badges-content.teamspeak.com/7d9fa2b1-b6fa-47ad-9838-c239a4ddd116/mifcom
Badges are stored on the server as a GUID. Apart from the GUID, however, a file name is required to retrieve the images cached in the cache \ badges folder, which also only specifies the file name in the cache.

These file names are in a list. This list is binary coded and is saved as varchar in the settings.db file. In the same table (badges), a timestamp is also stored, which, contrary to the name, does not indicate the timestamp of the list, but the time at which it is to be re-downloaded. This is currently (3.1b6) 24 hours after the download. Both information (data and timestamp) are each equipped with a timestamp, without which I would know its meaning.
The Gamescom icon shows the Cologne Cathedral. For the Gamescom and PGW badges, it was enough to register at the time. As myTeamSpeak (at that time still My TeamSpeak) came out on 17 August (Gamescom Wednesday), many subscribers of the Betakanals, which registered immediately, have this badge.

On 31 March 2017 staggered symbols were added for addon builders by number of addons (1, 3 and 5). The generic continued to exist. There were apparently no pictures to it, or they were already removed when I wanted to add them, as they were later removed on the same day. They were (again) uploaded on April 19, but were not re-inserted into the database until August 11, The 64's versions of these are based on the generic Addon Maker icon, the 16 (probably because the 16 is not monochrome and the file has been moved) on the vector version, so they look slightly different.

At some point the links from HTTP to HTTPS were changed. But I do not know when. HTTP and HTTPS work both, unlike many other protocols in TeamSpeak.

The file format:

Length specifications are exclusive to themselves and strings are ASCII strings (or probably UTF-8).

1 byte: 0x08
11 bytes: unknown (possibly dummy entry?)
For every badge
1 byte: 0x1A
2 bytes: unknown
2 bytes: 0x010A
1 byte: length GUID (because GUIDs are always 36 characters long, always 0x24)
1 byte: 0x12
1 byte: length name
Name (displayed in the myTeamSpeak badge window)
1 byte: 0x1A
1 byte: length URL
URL (supplemented by _64.png for the badge window or _16.png for the server tree, myTeamSpeak supplements it by .svg for a particularly different vector version)
1 byte: 0x22
1 byte: length description
Description (displayed when hovering in the server tree)
1 byte: 0x28
1 byte: unknown (but I guess the 32 bit indicates whether 10 (0) or 11 (1) bytes are coming)
10 or 11 bytes: unknown

These unofficial badges were removed on February 16, 2017. You could not get it in beta.
This user won the Coolest Hat Award. (removed late November 2016)
This user won the Best Bug Hunter Award. (removed on 16. Februar 2017)
This is a certified informed TeamSpeak user. (removed late November 2016)
This user is a flatbed scanner. (Introduced in late November 2016, removed on February 16, 2017)

I cant upload more than 10 attachments :( Many Pictures are linked, sorry for that.
And please move this Thread to the right Section :)

Source and Credits: http://yat.qa/ressourcen/protokolle/
Thanks to numma_cway
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Jul 24, 2017
I got a Gamescom 2017, but i want Gaming Hero at Gamescom 2017, or MIFCOM :) Mby someone have code on it ?


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Aug 16, 2017
What is with the Badge "Rocket Beans TV Community" and "4Netplayers customer" ?


Jul 28, 2015
The first page Links are not working 404 error. Needs FIX @ OP