[Mirror] TeaSpeak Server

[Mirror] TeaSpeak Server 1.2.17

No permission to download
<21:14:53> Trying to connect to server on
<21:14:54> Welcome
<21:14:54> Connected to Server: "ENTAXH"
<21:14:54> Connection lost because server license can not be validated

That with Client 3.2.2
Do you have AAL license?
If i was Buy AAL license from Teamspeak site why to add that server and not the official server from the site have 0 sense

Guys 1 question that server have 0 sense is need buy license from teamspeak site for go more from 32 slot... that is mean you can easy download the official server with no license and work perfect with 32 slot also, so that version is not alternative.... it have 0 sense to add it.

or i have not udnerstand correct and is exist way? because i have test to my server and is work with 32+ slots because is with out license

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