Client [Mobile] TeamSpeak 3 - Version Spoofer (Android only crack) 2017-08-05

[Mobile] TeamSpeak 3 - Version Spoofer (Android only crack)

  1. Mohamad

    Mohamad New Member

    I installed Mega, but how to install the TS3
    They want me to install MEGA.
    I installed MEGA where's wrote "mega Ltd" from play store.
  2. Derp

    Derp TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team Contributor

    Dude! What in the actual living fuck!

    1- Open Spoiler
    2- Click Link
    3- Wait for MEGA to Load
    4- Click "Download through Browser"
    5- Wait...
    6- Watch this on how to install APK's from your PC:
    7- If you fail again, here's a quick tutorial from HowToBasic on how to NUKE (fix) your phone:
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2016
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  3. AlexanderNHell

    AlexanderNHell New Member

    Thank you so much :)
  4. hASVAN

    hASVAN Contributor

    not working any more
  5. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Head Moderator

    Teamspeak 3 Client Version (3.0.13) just doesn't connect to servers with version newer than 3.0.12. Any lower server version it will connect!
  6. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    Can fix it easily ._. but im sooo lazy :/ Well.. me and Kaptan... cuz Kaptan is our Android guru
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  7. onerodz

    onerodz New Member

    wow... nice guys... R4P3 forever.
  8. ViatorLipsia

    ViatorLipsia New Member

    Very awesome - works perfectly so far :)
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  9. thankk u
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  10. tea

    tea New Member

    It doesn't work for me. When I click on the link to download it, aka the mega one, I enter the site and their logo pops up. I can't do nothing from there. There is NOTHING to do. HELP?? (Mega loaded for me tho)
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
  11. WolfGang17182001

    WolfGang17182001 New Member

    Bonjour, super crack pour la version 3.0.19 mais mon hébergeur à changer de serveur TS qui nécessite la version 3.1 ce qui m'amène a la question est-il possible d'avoir cette version crackée via votre site ?
    → Hello, great crack for the version 3.0.19 but my host change server TS, and this necessary version 3.1. My question to you : it's possible to obtain this version via your web site ?
  12. ehthe

    ehthe Contributing Member may or may not help you
  13. WolfGang17182001

    WolfGang17182001 New Member

    Thanks you ;) ! Merci !
  14. WolfGang17182001

    WolfGang17182001 New Member

  15. hola

    hola New Member

    Works with latest server version!
    This patched version is amazing o_o
  16. Milby

    Milby New Member

    Is there an update coming? I feel like this is too old.

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