Moving Hidden Windows In Windows


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Apr 25, 2015
North America
You punch into work and fall down the stairs, you use your own spine as a cane, and then Windows pisses you off more than your spine's out of body experience.

Your Windows laptop decides to handle the display of windows in the most stupid of ways possible.

You walk off to lunch with your Windows Key + L (lock screen).

To wake your system, you try hitting keyboard keys and nothing happens so you are forced to crack open your laptop and smash that spacebar.

Then you're like "Cool, the lights are coming!"

Now all your windows are on your barely open laptop and you shrug in a state of complete "What the fuck? Why Windows, why do you randomly rearrange my application positioning? Are you an ADHD coke meth gangster!? What is your damn problem Windows, that is not a question, Windows is the problem."


to your window of choice.
Alt+Spacebar then tap M then tap left arrow key then move your mouse far left or far right.


Alt+Tab to your window of choice.
Hold Windows key, and smash the left arrow key repetitively until you see your window.

Anyone know alternative solutions?

Also, surely someone else has encountered this frustrating occurrence on Windows if you hold your piss to continue coding line 9,001 of whatever.cs ;)

Final edit:
When you have to crack the laptop, smash that spacebar, and slam the damn laptop closed. Your two other monitors will be the only active ones! Wonky ass Windows.

Very final edit:

Just select your laptop display and disconnect the display, since most of the time people use desktop monitors as opposed to small laptop screen when multiple displays are hooked.
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