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  1. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    Github Link:
    Client Side:
    Transfer My Server
    Generate A Server
    Generate new admin tokens
    SnapShot Create (backup the server) Only Channels and Ranks
    SnapShot Deploy (Restore backup) Only Channels and Ranks

    Server Side: (Admin side of things)
    Add servers on the fly, simple database design:

    What you add reflects on server selection page:

    Easy First Setup... literally install database and website files
    modify config.php to match your MySql Port Information


    Whats new: 8/30/2016
    Client kicking

    Database update: Set each individual servers max virtual hosts... (Say you have a vps with 2GB of ram and a dedicated server with 64GB of ram, You can set the vps to only allow 100 servers while the dedicated to 1000 etc...)

    Still being worked on:
    TSDNS Server -> Utilizing my own API/Servers... (Domain names such as, other domains to come soon)...

    This will query my own database and be processed in a cron job in an interval of 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on the load it receives.. if choosing to utilize my servers.

    Can be customized to utilize your own TSDNS Server.

    Server Settings Area: Edit hostname, slots, banner, reserved slots, setup TSDNS maybe more...

    Reorganization of index.php, to show how many servers are online...(Not virtual hosts just dedicated boxes online), removed some stupid things.

    Sidebar will only show server generation if they have never created a server -> Disappears afterwards

    Any other things you want requested?

    Of course not happening in that order but yeah.. soon

    Special Thanks to:
    1nject ->
    Bluscream ->
    Swarmdeco ->
    Asphyxia ->
    Mikkel ->

    Attention: when using the updater it will query an external ip address, just change it to false if you'd like to not be notified of an update.

    Tested on: -> $0.80 server confirmed working, php 7.

    Arubacloud -> $1.00 best value for your buck, confirmed working. Php 5.5

    Ovh vps -> $3.00 confirmed working. Php 5.3 <- not recommended.. use latest if available.
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  2. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    Hey man, I'm also learning php and the teamspeak framework, could you explain how the transferring server from host to host works?
  3. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    We are utilizing teamspeaks serversnapshot, after the snapshot is created we then delete the server and use the snapshot to deploy the new server.
  4. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    But I swear snaphshots can only be deployed on virtual servers that are created, although I'm probably wrong.
  5. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    Nope, A teamspeak snapshot can be deployed everywhere.

    Just make sure the old server isnt up before deploying it.
  6. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    so a virtual server cannot be deployed on the same machine instance. but how about if its a different machine?
  7. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    wasnt that the original question?... Thats how we are transferring servers
  8. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    Oops my bad :(:oops:

    One final question relating to ports. What happens if the port on the new machine is already occupied what happens does it switch to a new one or overwrite it?
    (Thanks for the help:p)
  9. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    I did it a weird way in my panel, where once you have the port say 9914, no one else gets the port on all 3 servers...
    It'll be modified in the future but was a quick write up
  10. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

    That sounds pretty weird, I thought you can't reserve ports without creating a virtual server to fill the capacity. What I do know is if your default port is like 9200 it will start from that number, correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    User choses port in creation which is then compared to all the ports in the MySql Database, if it exists it'll return port already in use forcing the user to chose another port instead, if it doesnt it'll then insert the port into the MySql database and create the server on that port.

    The way I have it setup is to compare port to port, instead of IP + PORT to IP + PORT Comparison, easy change just not on the top of my todo list at the moment.
  12. mkll11one

    mkll11one VIP

    Are it's possible for "people" can create server, and control it via the interface?
  13. Benjo

    Benjo Active Member

  14. mkll11one

    mkll11one VIP

  15. MrOfficialWilson

    MrOfficialWilson New Member

    Whens this coming out, i want it now!
  16. Ricky89

    Ricky89 New Member

  17. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    Possibly in two hours?
  18. mkll11one

    mkll11one VIP

    idea could be etc the "SetupServer" where it's automatic "take" the port is available (without to type port)
    Example: it's could take from: 9000 > and create automatic. up to 10500 etc. of port.
  19. JetFox

    JetFox Active Member

    I've thought about it, I might do it that way from now on but during testing I was dinkin around and it just happened to be coded the current way
  20. mkll11one

    mkll11one VIP

    I have an 2 servers if you want to test. :)
    - and one idea more: What with "limit" of setupserver, since anyone can bypass/spamming with create 1000x ;) - and it' shit to go in and "delete" manually :(

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