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Discussion in 'Linux' started by B1uscr34m, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. B1uscr34m

    B1uscr34m Active Member

    Hey guys, i was thinking of this a lot of times now and most of you seem pretty familiar with PHP and webservers so i decided to explain my request here as good as possible:

    How it should work:
    1. I copy the script template and rewrite it to use the API i need right now ( In this example the github API )
    2. I upload it to my webserver at for example
    3. Anyone can request
    4. It returns the text returned by the api in a white color on the image.
    It would be awesome if someone could point me to it if it already exists :)
  2. Kleberstoff

    Kleberstoff Knowledge Seeker VIP

    So basicly, you want a script that outputs the API's output to a Image and the Image Color can be changed by a get-request?
    Just need confirmation that i understood it correctly.
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  3. Ridicc

    Ridicc Super Mod

    I'm gonna work on it as soon as I'm at home. It's not that hard, do you want it to be a png or a jpg file?
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  4. B1uscr34m

    B1uscr34m Active Member

    Thanks, i would prefer a png for transparency ♥
  5. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    function makeImageF($text$W=800$fsize=13,$bgr=1,$bgb=1,$bgg=1,$bga=127){
    $H substr_count ($text,"\n") * 20;
    //$H = 50;
    $im imagecreatetruecolor($W$H);
    $background_color imagecolorallocatealpha ($im$bgr,$bgb,$bgg,$bga);        //RGB color background.
    imagefill ($im,0,0,$background_color);
    $text_color imagecolorallocate($im000);
    $i 0;
    putenv('GDFONTPATH=' realpath('.'));
           foreach (
    explode("\n" $text) as $value){
    imagettftext ($im $fsize ,0, ($i 16)+16$text_colordirname(__FILE__) . '/cour.ttf',$value);
    //array imagettftext ( resource $im , int $size , int $angle , int $x , int $y , int $col , string $fontfile , string $text )
               // imagestring($im, 1, 0, $i * 20, $value,$text_color);
    header('Content-type: image/png');//jpeg
    copy pasta from my dynamic teamspeak banner thingy
  6. B1uscr34m

    B1uscr34m Active Member

    Any progress yet? I'm waiting so desperately for this :)
  7. Ridicc

    Ridicc Super Mod

    Kinda forgot it since I'm pretty busy. I'm sorry but it could take quite some time.
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