Suggestion Need Cheap VPS ?

I saw many are searching for cheap and secure vps so i have decided to suggest u a vps provider which i have been using from more than a year.

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they provide 1GB ram,28 GB storage,unlimited data transfer for only 1 euro per month.if u find any cheaper provider please post them will be helpful for our R4P3 users...thanq
yes,will be good for hosting websites or forums and bots. and for ts3 i too dont suggest for bigger clan use,because for a bigger clan usage there will be a higher chance of getting ddos 'd. Other than that for normal usage we can use it for ts3 also .so for a vps for 1 euro this is my suggestion. :D


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I saw many are searching for cheap and secure vps so i have decided to suggest u a vps provider which i have been using from more than a year.

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they provide 1GB ram,28 GB storage,unlimited data transfer for only 1 euro per month.if u find any cheaper provider please post them will be helpful for our R4P3 users...thanq
I use 3 of them for hosting 30 MusicBot´s. They are very good working without packet lost and connection issues. For 1 € for 30 day´s you pay 0,00138 ct per Hour that´s like nothing!
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I use 3 of them for hosting 30 MusicBot´s. They are very good working without packet lost and connection issues. For 1 € for 30 day´s you pay 0,00138 ct per Hour that´s like nothing!
Aruba is really unstable when i used it bots just crashed after some time.

for others who happen to be seeking a cheap VPS; for whatever reason, as my first post here I'll try add something hopefully useful by suggesting mainly and / Both these sites are amongst the oldest of their kind. WHT being a major hosting-discussion forum for very long and has many sections not related to VPS-servers at all, but look around and there will be a 'VPS-hosting offers'-section along with ones for shared, dedicated, colo- etc. type of hosting as well as many related services.

There are some comparable forums as WHT while I'm unsure if any has surpassed that specific one in size, WHT is a good place to start your search.

As with a lot of things, the hosting provider that fits your needs, that you consider 'good', may be very different from that of an other. This is particularly important to keep in mind when renting cheap servers; one of the things I would Strongly (!) recommend anyone considering trying to find a good deal at a host which is still somewhat reputable, has been around a while is, besides looking at prices and/or specs, customer service or reliability at all.. look at their "Terms and Conditions","Acceptable Use Policy" and possibly related contracts to which you imply agreement in complying with by signing up but is often not very clear -- far less the points in these which is often the reason they are able to provide very cheap service and what often seems like amazing deals (some times pages long.. not always easy to find (every one of those) and several, with confusing names..).

Not rarely (I mean, pretty much always.. -) will the cheap hosts, especially the ones offering "unlimited <whatever>" resources or otherwise offers which, if actually taking advantage of in terms of simply using what seems to be the deal, acceptable and not at all an uncommon way to use resources either.., have one or many clauses in their contracts which basically prohibits for example "use of resources affecting other customers quality of service", "using unreasonable amounts", "providing hosting of media/file-downloads/<whatever>"..

The ones that are Very cheap are pretty much always cheap for a reason. Often this will be something that eventually makes you think they aren't really cheap at all, considering their strict policies. Many of those semi-shady hosts are also often more inclined to other shady tactics such as lying about the reasons for problems, posting fake reviews etc.. - not ones that will have been around for many years, or any more than one or few tops probably. Simply searching"review" on Google and reading from a variation of sources (trying to ensure the ones giving feedback are independent authentic customers by looking at the effort required for each to make reviews as such; is it some mainly for-profit site advertising cheap hosting monetizing on referrals mostly, with paid or fake reviews in the comments maybe, or is it a known trusted forum and the user has many prior reasonable posts there furthermore possibly even having been a member for a long time? Such would usually be very telling, and of great value to evaluate properly if to make a decision they end up happy with and being as they'd expect. Trust is a tricky thing....)

Uh.. I talk a bit much I guess.. anyway! Whether you can tolerate many restrictions or not, want a server in a particular region for sake of legislation and potential enforcement of rules, are looking for a host that accepts anonymous payments and are slack or negligent in regards to verifying customer identity... I'd say tip #1 is do a little research on the host and DO READ the damn "Acceptable use policy" (or whatever names they give it; not rarely can it be vague and ambiguous and have similar information listed on multiple locations-- make sure not to overlook any second page named "Terms and Conditions" or something like that in addition to what seemed to be the only relevant rules that mattered..), do a little search and a simple whois-lookup on the host as well as querying Google to ascertain they have been in business (and has not recently been taken over by a new owner or such..) - the initial search to find if they've been around some years and have mostly satisfied customers may take you no more than a few minutes with some practice on what to search for (as above, simply ""+review or something like that, in addition to considering the profile/source of the offer (is it a new account on the site/forum that is making that incredible offer, or have they been around for long and gained a good reputation over years having much to lose?).

After likely having been through hundreds of hosts of all kinds and purposes for using thru more than a decade, I'd suggest if simply wanting a really good deal and a reliable host to stay with for the long-term is to be patient. Often times even reputable hosts which would seem kinda pricey, having a good reputation and where everything seems reasonable will occasionally be found to have some great bargains, maybe around holidays or such or any seemingly random time you could be lucky to get across it.. but it's not very common as such!

Keep in mind what you need, and could possibly come to need/want after some time with the host, make sure to do a quick search of the host - and Do read those damn terms, if nothing else just to quickly look over. Many common restrictions on servers are on use for adult hosting, IRC-related services, private or other type of relay as a proxy/VPN, and very often also specific to use of resources if not otherwise stated anywhere very specifically; for example demanding a "reasonable share" of use of CPU(s), not exceeding more than 30% use of one core/or virtual processor for more than X minutes and often also have means to auto-terminate any processes taking a significant portion of resources continuously (even preventing compiling your stuff, if say GCC needs a minute or few to compile your stuff requiring a certain amount of resources--even trying to limit a procs CPU-usage with tools like "cpulimit", would lead to it taking longer and thus also end up terminated for similar reasons before it ever gets to finish....can be very frustrating.). Them semi-shady (imo.) hosts will also not rarely have rules stating that they may terminate your service at any point if you violate their unreasonable and ambiguous "acceptable use"-policies and you would not be entitled to any refund. That sucks a lot after thinking you've found a good deal where it was encouraged to "be fast while the offer lasts - just a few units remaining!" and being tied to having pre-paid for a year contract, as after all it seemed really cheap..

Personally I like to get servers with hosts that accept anonymous payment and would not have rigid fraud-screening and ID-verification requirements. With most, especially the reputable known hosts you should easily find credible feedback on, it may not be a problem giving your full ID and agree to their contract (as you'd when signing up..), potentially putting you up for legal repercussions following abuse of servers -- this could simply be due to it being unmanaged and anyway with some bad luck get hacked all of a sudden thru some randomly appearing 0day remote root exploit, or whatever, charging you huge amounts for spam sent from it - holding you responsible, as may be the case if you have enemies who would be sly enough to find your host has (not uncommonly, even otherwise "good" hosts) conditions stating that any use of resources example bandwidth usage beyond monthly allocation, and you'd simply be charged X $USD per gigabyte past your limit -- way above the presumed price given the base price of the service, and somebody with ill intent could ensure a steady (D)DoS attack against your server at the start of a term having it appear as common use of your services,or not anything the host would be bothered with anyway for whatever reason.. if you have a 10Gbit connections thats nice, if you really need it.... but if the host would charge a dollar per gigabyte and you only have 100-1000gb a month someone could very easily push/suck bandwidth many times that amount, numerous times past your otherwise monthly pay (maybe u paid for a year and thought that was it,till next annual invoice..) and get you a fat bill. Simply being negligent on managing the server and not ensure monitoring and basic hardening of the server and having it hacked resulting in some criminal use the host wouldn't know if You caused or some hacker at all possibly, should be enough to encourage all to consider how much responsibility they are actually willing to take on. Again read the terms, and furthermore consider the liability and potential for pursuing a worst-case scenario case against you--more so if the host seems questionable and possibly wouldn't care for you and being reasonable as much as the potential to pressure you for $.....).

I like to pay anonymously and using an ID other than my own; specific e-mail, IP to match billing address during sign-up etc. to assure they can't do anything anyway if all goes to hell while still allowing me to jump on some dirt-cheap offers for whatever use.. possibly not always completely in accordance with common law either (nothing too bad either tho=P)..

- If to get a cheap host expect the host to possibly be somewhat shady, or otherwise have reasons for being that cheap. If it seems easy to get a good deal and remain anonymous, expect others to exploit this same thing for abusing the services and thus resulting in unreliable service (if they host phishing sites, child porn, send spam, ddos, or whatever possibly leading to service interruptions..).

I'd suggest with VPS; to always assume the host (or others..) to be watching, possibly snooping around too, and anyway always have full and very easy access to the VPS without you ever noticing. As such Id encourage to at least try compartmentalize your apps/services/whatever you host, anyway just in case; get KVM/XEN or such for increased isolation and use FDE in addition to various encrypted file-containers mounted as and when needed only. Applying to legit use or not, securing your data from hackers or other nosey whoevers is never a bad idea and often very easy once you've bothered to look up the basics of it..being a lil hassle-more with some and certain situations than others.. but try never exposing more data than required at a time and in such a way that if service gets terminated they would need to have a solid backup and logging system if to prove anything beyond doubt, only exposing what you need when you need and expect it to be continously monitored and the host in mere seconds returning the VPS back to a state it was in at X point in time even months back and with fine-grained control and as such always assume encrypted containers, with FDE and nested and varying means of encryption with selective and cautious use of containerization, on a VPS never to be safe, as they could in a moment turn back time and put the VPS in a state as it had been in previously and extract the encryption keys from memory just as if subjected to a perpetual subpoena and non-disclosure agreement enforced on host served by LE and a presumed isolated dedicated server could be - as long as you're not sitting watching the physical box, don't trust it. Likewise, depending on host to a great degree, same with data in-transit / traffic data.. Far from all hosts are honest and well-meaning and only wish well upon their customers, perhaps just some dubious employee of theirs.. u never know; do not trust anything be my advice..

ummm... yeah, I was gonna be more concise than this (sry; tbh. I guess I'd be what most would call a junkie, on stims most the time and what likely influence the at times excessive chatter..ha....=s)

..basically... read up on host. Google, and consider the source of the offer, mainly -- and, again just to reiterate, Do Read the terms / policies / conditions / rules / .. / .. ! - do not hesitate to ask on live-chat or mail before buying. Semi-related is how indeed that may pay off in other ways as well as not rarely could you find - possibly to add to some unusually good offer by a good host which could be a rare sale for whatever reason to make even better, that they have coupons / promo-codes and such posted on their twitter, facebook or somewhere else they've advertised that you could use for further discount. (just google something like this..: ""+(coupon|discount|code|promotion|discount|special|deal)+2018 or something like that, would often find any such ways to get extra discount.

There are a mere few sites having consistent seemingly over-cheap offers, and I'd only suggest the well-known main places such as previously mentioned wht and lowendbox -- and follow the offers section for a while and not be impatient. Happens every now and then that some host as you'd find reasonable actually have a very good offer far below what you'd expect to pay for the (hopefully) good services and as you'd expect and find reasonable and well worth the money. There are some very useful for certain things that have what seems like very stringent restrictions on the use of their resources, but if they have been around for long and appear reliable and honest, being reasonable and having much feedback to base ur decision on, likely can be sufficient and acceptable for your usage while still being dirt-cheap.. one of which I'd pull up as one example could be and similar few-dollar-per-year VPS providers of which most will not be very if at all pushy on verifying your ID while still otherwise maintaining a majority of their business of other type of sales and however manage eventual abuse without any reason to fear for your service to be much affected at all either, or to any significant degree anyway. The example above, iirc. have some seemingly overly cheap VPS at $3/year or so with a selection of locations and providers to choose from. For the lowest similar offers you'd occasionally find the same on them forums and related sites as well, the lowendspirit ones offering what many refer to as "NAT VPS", where you share an IP with many others and get a minimum of resources, 20-ish or so ports on a shared IPv4 to use for yourself and otherwise get a bunch of IPv6 addresses only.. Though this is still very much easily used for most common stuff as hosting your own web site, vpn/proxies or whatever else as most other VPS's. Just some times taking some more creativity or effort to figure how to (often quite educational and good to learn anyway!=) with some patience, bit of effort and imagination it shouldn't be hard to find a box you can host whatever on for not many dollars per year, while also hosting your own dns and an openvpn-server, or whatever, as opposed to paying 10x ++ the amount for a single VPN-connection permitted as typically priced from some commercial VPN-specific provider, just being enabled some more control and versatile potential for use of the service.. if done right with little if any risk, possibly far improved.

Personally I got a bunch of really cheap ones bought with non-traceable payments for use to as above example hosting VPN-/proxy- relays on, some times doing somewhat questionable things or using it for other stuff as such without having to worry much even if they were to find out and terminate the service (and possibly try (ha!) to prosecute..). In example with the VPN; this being a very different field and most have varying reasons for use of, but certainly near always ten or good bit more cheaper than any commercial provider; and the choice of a shared IP vs. a slightly (not always) more expensive one with your own IP often being a tactical choice - it'd be very cheap and easy to make a chain of relays with for example 5-10 VPNs each being seperate locations and setup with different IDs and relayed thru from hosts too tricky to fully track,or ever fully with enough accuracy anyway and I could prolly commit lotta crime most the time if Id so please and only ever risking no more than a couple to ten dollars usually..

And hey, you could start your own VPN provider company outta such a box, haha.. - as most them others-- making bold claims of million-bit uncrackable cipher suites and advanced algorithms and hashing of your "fully secure and anonymous" traffic, a strict no-log policy, warrant canaries and whatnot and some rented anonymous po. box in the Seychelles or such --- and in fact rather actually log all the traffic knowing the presumed notion of encrypted and secure use means often valuable things be transmitted.. or otherwise targets doing things put such effort into concealing being prime targets for the easy targeted browser-/device- specific exploits that could be deployed in a controlled way thru traffic tampering/injection without anyone ever knowing what happened. (trust me, all them "free" VPN providers out there, particularly for the Android OS and such, the availability..... as with them public proxy lists....... it ain't truly free, or all that nice as it seems; there is no charitable organizations doing that all for free...! .. and personally question a lot of the paid ones having same intentions, possibly with greater trust coming with the fact they charge for their service (heh,lol!) but yeah yeah; call me paranoid, I have no proof against any one at the time to present here anyway.... just gotta trust it, aye..
.. just sayin' ...... trust no-one . . . know what you're getting into, and know it is, after all, eventually all about $ - to some meaning more than anything else in some situations, too .. take cover!

eh.., imma shut up here I guess.. sorry for the wall-of-text/rambling.. yeah im kinda weird...mmhh, yeah, gonna end here now as I'd been meaning to for a while now

just my 2c;) ... ya can get dirt-cheap stuff, even anonymously, a mere couple $ /year contracts, somewhat secured thru a a distributed network of and use for shady stuff urself even without much reason to fear repercussions ... but take a moment and do a lil research to make sure you're not the one ending up as a victim in some bizarre totally unpredictable way appearing like really bad luck, then .. and u could save a lot of cash and still manage to do whatever ya need still..

I guess same applies to dedicated servers more so, particularly those in the same price-range ($10, or less.....)... watch out for them shady hosts and their policies, some times they may be powerful and have the law on their side with you signed a contract with them..... everything comes at a price. If its cheap.. it's for a reason. Stay safe, choose well, don't get screwed.. good luck! ^_- ya.... gna quit here..not sure ill return to see eventual replied,assuming somebody even reads this..ha.. meh. lol.

neway..whatever.. - l8rz! ;)
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They offer free webhosting on OVH. Moreover, KVM-GAME VPS starting from 2.49 euros/month, 3.99 euros/month for VDS-GAME packages and they offer 4 different locations(UK,Germany,Canada and France). I've been with them for 6 months now and I have never encountered any problems so far and 0 downtime. Last but not the least, their support staff is awesome and they reply within minutes! Everyone should check them out.
they are on SYS GAME-2 and do not have permanent filters JUST FYI.

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