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Discussion in 'Web scripts' started by Peter_Enis, Nov 21, 2016.

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  3. Peter_Enis

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  4. Pirat1122

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    i have a domain. :D

    but the Email thing is ;(
  5. Swainless

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    is there an english version
  6. Peter_Enis

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    No show the Github link there are all source files and no english version btw. this Interface is 4 years old and work very good.
  7. Cepkin

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    Does not delete the server when the time is up
  8. I texted so many people on r4p3 for maybe helping me creating an interface like this. so many people said yes but still no 1 is answering me or working on it. this interface is what i needed. But my question is: is some1 still developing it?because as @Cepkin said its not deleting the servers after the time is up
  9. or maybe there is some1 in here willing to help me. this interface is nearly perfect just need some little changes
  10. Cepkin

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  11. Cepkin

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    language >>

    english little
    Turkish very :)

    translation Thanks :D

    problem > time full sunucu delete no :(
  12. HelloEvery

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    i translated and fixed this interface 2 years ago :3

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