Question one way to ban permanently each ts3 client

Discussion in 'Client' started by iDesign, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. iDesign

    iDesign New Member

    Exist any way to ban a person who have dynamic ip and still avoid the ban ?
  2. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

    You can do range ban if it's necessary.
  3. Floflobel

    Floflobel New Member

    How it's possible to ban with range ?
  4. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

  5. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    You want to permanently ban each ts3 client?... Just add a ban with only a * as wildcard.
    (I know thats not what he want's.... still postin it)
  6. iDesign

    iDesign New Member

    If someone have the ip class 5.14.245.* or 5.14.234.* if i ban hem to stay banned even if change the ip. I mean the ban to bee on his router or some windows adress to stay banned.
  7. Keviro

    Keviro VIP++ Member Contributor

    As far as I know Teamspeak already bans the windows key, but you can easily change it and even if you ban a IP range, he still can use a VPN .. There is no way to avoid bypasses from users or at least not according to my knowledge.

    Greetings Keviro

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