OVH Game Alternatives?

Hello Community,

I recently got the problem that someone gets my VPS with OVH Game (Teamspeak) down. Now I need an alternative that is better, if there is one at all. Thank you for your help!
Whats your budget?

If that's no problem for you, just buy/build a worldwide terabit network with hundreds of datacenters around the globe like OVH, Google or Cloudflare for yourself and you should be fine ;)

OVH GAME is a pretty good Anti-DDoS solution for the price they offer. I don't know any comparable DDoS protection out there for under 100 € per month (or even less than 3 € per month for OVH GAME VPS from resellers). If you know one, please let me know.

You said you have a VPS with OVH GAME. At which reseller? (OVH doesn't offer VPS with OVH GAME.)


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I don't think their 9 € plans include a hardware firewall + protection modules? (And I mean a hardware firewall which you can customize on your own.)

So what plan do you refer here?
Dedicated, +€300, @riconeo i can talk with ovh firewall team if you can send me logs, i have direct access to team. (can be sendly internal request)
Notice to everybody browsing this thread.
If you are going to reply with OVH Game Reseller name, give us a reason why to use it, pros and cons with solid proof or at least one experience with that hoster.

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