Discussion [PreRelease] TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.7.0 Beta


R4P3 Servant
Sep 14, 2015
today we released the first beta for upcoming server 3.7.0.

  • This server version adds a new feature that the upcoming (not yet released) "TeamSpeak 5 client" needs.
    The TS 3 client & ServerQuery will not see anything new here but it could be that user interactions may have a bigger impact on CPU & RAM.

    So please hold an eye on your system and report back if something strange is going on or feels slower on your server.
    Even when it's something like "the channel creation / subscription takes longer".
    For us it would be helpful if you have something we can compare. Like the same action on stable version 3.6.1 was different.

  • We improved the speed when ServerQuery requests the clients from database with command clientdblist
  • The permissions for ancient audio codecs Speex and CELT got removed.
    The codecs can not be set on channel anymore. Channels where the codec was set before still can be used.
    In future release we will drop these codecs completely.
  • Admins can now see in the server log who deleted the avatar from a user when client logging was active.
  • The connected ServerQuery will not show the IP in the nickname any longer. Admins can see the IP in the server log or via clientinfo command (see changelog).

=== Server Release 3.7.0 12 March 2019
Added: New experimental features needed for the TeamSpeak 5 client.
Added: Server now logs when deleting someone else's avatar.
Added: The IP address of a connecting query client is now logged.
Added: The query commands `clientlist -ip` and `clientinfo` show the IP address of connected query clients.

Changed: Updated default license to be valid until the 31st of January 2020.
Changed: Server queries connecting to a virtual server will no longer have their IP address added to the default nickname.
Changed: The query command `privilegekeyadd` will no longer create privilege keys for query groups.

Fixed: Improved speed of clientdblist.
Fixed: Unicode support in interactive query ssh sessions.

Removed: The ability to select speex and celt mono codecs for existing or new channels has been removed.
Removed: Permission 'b_client_issue_client_query_command' was removed, because it was not being used for anything.

You can download here: http://dl.4players.de/ts/releases/pre_releases/server/3.7.0-beta1/

Docker users can build the server with command
docker build "https://github.com/TeamSpeak-Systems/teamspeak-linux-docker-images.git#:alpine" --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_CHECKSUM=d96923c40f12391decfe93ba5d61370695e27e99b3b70c3f5828461f2b3fbfff --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_URL=http://dl.4players.de/ts/releases/pre_releases/server/3.7.0-beta1/teamspeak3-server_linux_alpine-3.7.0-beta1.tar.bz2 --tag teamspeak:latest --tag teamspeak:3.7 --tag teamspeak:3.7.0-beta1
Credits: TeamSpeak Forum