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  1. s0ft

    s0ft New Member

    Have one more day Fun, by using this Exploit ;)
  2. WhyUNeedMyName

    WhyUNeedMyName New Member

    Wow nice work works Great!
  3. Zaltimo

    Zaltimo New Member

    The program not work.
  4. Derp

    Derp WebApp Dev-Team TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    mmmm.. K :3
  5. linc0ln

    linc0ln New Member

    I'm looking for how to make a hotkey on the plugin, but can not find :oops:
  6. FpsFlare

    FpsFlare New Member

  7. FpsFlare

    FpsFlare New Member

    Hi can anyone help me sometimes it doesn't work for some reason I tried it on a person in my channel and it worked, but then I used it on another person and it send this ᗪ(to the guy i was trying to crash) and it didn't crash him
  8. Agusanz

    Agusanz Contributing Member

    because it doesnt work on EVERYONE.. it just works on version 3.0.19 - windows and probably linux and mac 3.0.19 beta.. not the stable one.. we are not sure about that. anyways.. tomorrow will be fixed.
  9. till527

    till527 New Member

    Version: [Stable] on Windows
    :p fixed
  10. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributor

    Note: Doesn't crash Mac nor Linux, only Windows
    Only crashes on all system if [beta] -> [stable] only crashes on Windows

    Thanks @Agusanz
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
  11. shehabtito1122

    shehabtito1122 New Member

  12. NoXx

    NoXx VIP

    There's no known crash at the moment.

    Best regards
  13. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me Member of the Month

  14. ehthe

    ehthe TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    No longer working as of
    No need to spam saying "no working oO"
    0x0539 likes this.
  15. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me Member of the Month

    Oh oops. Read that wrong xD
  16. hakan33

    hakan33 New Member

    nice thanks
  17. xenops

    xenops New Member

    this doesnt work any more I have the newest stable version what can I do to make this work
  18. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    Outdated. No need to add anything else.
  19. Thalorim

    Thalorim VIP

    it's only windows as i know.
  20. Agusanz

    Agusanz Contributing Member

    nothing.. it just doesnt work anymore.. you're late to the party

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