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  1. ehthe

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    Create a new ban rule.
    Set Interpret IP/Name as: as Regular Expression.
    Leave IP blank.
    In Name put : ^$
    Leave Unique ID blank.
    In Reason put something like : Blank names are forbidden.
    Set Duration to permanent.

    Click OK.

    EDIT : ts3server version has been released. You should upgrade to this new version and delete the aforementioned ban rule.
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  2. Artos

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  3. gamesbond

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    Could u pls help me?

    How to do with iptables?
  4. ehthe

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    How about no ?
    It's impossible
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  5. gamesbond

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    So how to create this ban rules o_O
  6. Artos

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    open ts3client->extras->banlist->add xD
  7. ehthe

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    Unless you are utterly retarted, I explained everything step by step in the OP for slow kinds of people.
  8. Baaastian

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    If you banned the name: ^ $ then it is fixed, what is if the program is so that it is displayed in the disconnect message?
  9. Kieran

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    When what is displayed in the disconnect message? Do you mean the special string from an old crash?
    Nothing. It's not a special string that crashes the client. It's just the empty name that causes problems. The chat will just display nothing where the name should be and then the disconnect message
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  10. ehthe

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