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  1. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    We will release a fixed binary /instructions on how to update your binary /some kind of blacklist or something to protect yourself.
  2. Phoqet

    Phoqet New Member

    You see them as "blackhats" for finding flaws in the software. What they are doing falls under the range of white to gray hats. They already clearly said they want to help improve TS3's security. They are using their Dev-Team for good. A blackhat is a hacker or cracker who uses his abilities only for malicious purposes. They at least notify Teamspeak the flaws they found in the software so they can improve it. Also the stuff released here follows with "use on your own server". So I don't see where you got this blackhat from.
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  3. xPRoTeiNN

    xPRoTeiNN Member

    Read all posts first. I never said that you are blackhats. Someone said we are not blackhats and i said that this idea (meeting) fits with blackhats. And i gave an example for it (bank). What ever close the this blackhat subject please. I just said my idea and nobody understood me. Lets dont make dirty the main post.
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  4. JackMeoff

    JackMeoff New Member

    No, seriously though, 0x0539 : What OS do you recommend? I admit that though I am used to CentOS I am getting tired of either A. Security-minded types knocking my OS and recommending either Debian or Ubuntu or xBSD, or B. Not being able to find much good software for CentOS ... it seems no matter what I do CentOS is always months or years behind Ubuntu ... I tried Ubuntu with the Cinnamon desktop and it drove me nuts with its Windows Cortera-like pay-to-play search engine; I could not even search my own hard drive for anything without it trying to sell me something, so I wound up calling it "U Dumb Too" ... I tried straight Debian and I think it was one of those with the Orca Speech Synthesizer drivin me nuts and I could not figure out any way to shut it down ... same thing happened with Trisquel ... I wound up calling them Dumbian and Trash-Hell respectively.

    I realize that most people also say "you don't need a desktop, just run at the command line" ... but I did that for years over SSH and it gets old after awhile ... now I serve my own web pages from home rather than pay for an off-shore server that it blocked at most every node because it's in effing Russia or something. I'm looking into various distros, what do you recommend? and why?

    P.S. : Now I am having trouble (again) getting TeamSpeak 3 to run in CentOS ... something about GLIBCX_3.415 not being present ... I know I fixed it recently but for the life of me can't seem to find the fix I committed to a text file ... yeah I'm thinking of switching to Ubuntu or something more compatible (IF I can figure out how to install it without that stupid sales-pitch desktop!)... READ this article on Ubuntu's "spyware" sending every search to their HQ ! : https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/ubuntu-spyware.html

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
  5. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam Member

    server: arch/debian for stuff like vestacp
    client: manjaro kde/xfce
  6. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributor

    You can't use Windows and setup VMware with the OS you want to do other stuff on?
  7. JackMeoff

    JackMeoff New Member

    0x0539, this is not an answer to my first question here at all ... I asked WHAT OS DO YOU RECOMMEND? I didn't even mention Windows as a possibility. Right now I am trying out QEMU for the first time ... I like CentOS but it doesn't have enough updated RPM packages and I have to keep searching for repos that have them all the time ...

  8. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributor

    You asked me for a recommendation, I say Windows, but between your possibilities, I'd use Ubuntu. (Note: I only have experience with Ubuntu, therefore my answer being Ubuntu)
  9. Rijndael

    Rijndael Member

    Fedora . Nautilus . MATE

    Thank me later
  10. ehthe

    ehthe TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    Has there been some unfucking of nautilus or is it still limited (removed features) ?
    At the time I'm using thunar which does the job but sometimes crashes.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
  11. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    So if I say I'm not a blackhat it means i'm a blackhat.
    If I say i'm a blackhat, I am not a blackhat?
    No means yes.
    Yes means no.
    The world is burning!
  12. Phoqet

    Phoqet New Member

    Alrighty then.
  13. Rijndael

    Rijndael Member

    I've never had issues with it, so I can't tell. Anyway I suggest you give it another try and see for your self
  14. JackMeoff

    JackMeoff New Member

    OK well it bothers me that Ubuntu has the Dash spyware search feature ... can I really trust it?
    Without reference to compare, I have no idea why you criticized the OS and programs I was using (especially without asking more questions), but OK we have dropped that topic, haven't we ...
  15. JackMeoff

    JackMeoff New Member

    I have had issues with Nautilus in that for whatever reason, it seems to be unable to read any folders except for "RECYCLER" and "System Volume Information" (plus one file called "Extras" which ships with these Western Digital external 4 TB drives) ... in Dolphin on the same CentOS box I can read and write to or from any NTFS based folder on that drive ... why? I still don't have an answer.

  16. rofl cake

    rofl cake Contributor

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  17. ziomek

    ziomek New Member

    when you share this?
  18. Kaptan647

    Kaptan647 Contributor

    If we cant do the meeting with teamspeak this week we will release it with a fixed binary
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  19. lukasjanra

    lukasjanra Member

    So you want to tell me they are not working on fix?
  20. Derp

    Derp WebApp Dev-Team TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    They have been informed about the existence of the denial of service 0day, we can not say if they're working on a fix or not (yet). We will have a response to that once the meeting is done.

    Either way, that won't change anything. The patched binaries are ready, in case an agreement with them were to fail. So, nothing to worry about :)

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