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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' started by Radat, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Radat

    Radat New Member

    What is a report bot?
    Its a script which reports the player with the amount of Accounts you put in. So you can get Rage Hackers banned easily.


    Yeah it uses exec which is not the best way, but everything is secure if i checked everything right. If you got problems on setting it up, you can message me.
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  2. rofl cake

    rofl cake Contributor

    I hope people are renaming or atleast chmod the config.php or it's gg.
    // Path
    $script_path "/var/report-bot";
    $script_log_path "/var/report-bot/logs/";
    // MySQL
    $servername "localhost";
    $username "report";
    $password "";
    $dbname "report";
    // Google Captcha
    $secret ""// Secret Code
    $gcaptchasidekey "";
    // Website Password
    $pw "123";
    // Steam Web Key
    $steam_web_key "";
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  3. Radat

    Radat New Member

    may i ask why exactly?
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  4. Derp

    Derp TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team Contributor

    because of this:

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  5. Bluscream

    Bluscream Contributing Member

    Whats wrong with that? :eek:
  6. Radat

    Radat New Member

    and whats wrong with it? Its outside of the www folder?
  7. Gismo

    Gismo New Member

    Is it required that the signed steam accounts have CSGO?
  8. demonekxlolek

    demonekxlolek Member

    I believe it reports their steam account for cheating, so no, you should not need to have csgo.
  9. loraclea

    loraclea New Member

    Yes All of your BOT Account need to have CS:GO
    Why ?
    -> Login -> Start MM Client (Game_730(CS:GO)) -> Send Report for All reasons -> Disconnect


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