Scan the world -Linux-


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Basicaly you can scan every ipaddress on a specific port in the entire world.

What do i need for this?:
Stable/Fast Network at least 1Gbps.
Multiple CPU/Cores atleast at 2.5/2.8Ghz
Alot of harddisk space. *ALOT*
at least 8GB Ram!

Everything else about how to install what to do is here :
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I have been using this for like forever for my research, good luck!

I take no credits to this!


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can this result a ban of ban of my vps?
Im pretty sure if you set it up correctly i wont, but in general if you use it full means you will use all the network speed on your vps,
and vpservers are mainly shared network and being monitored by your provider.

Answere :
Yes it CAN result in a ban if you didnt set it up correctly.
BUT i do not recommend using this on a VPS becaus it can screwup your server pretty bad.


Please note that this is a bad ass app using a custom tcp/ip stack. Don't play with it unless you know what you are doing.
I can't stress this enough: this isn't an average toy. You may hurt yourself badly by using it.

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