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Hello, I have a problem because I have a lot of knowledge on how to put a csgo server, etc. but I do not know and honestly do not know where to start to have several csgo cs servers on the dedicate (about the parameters do not worry.) Can anyone explain? or link?

And sorry for that bad department but I did not know where to write.


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If you have knowledge in coding you could crete own game panel (all parameters can be included like start/stop/restart/create server/ del server etc), but
there is alredy server sided game menagers like this one.
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I used it while ago and everything worked fine for CSGO and CS 1.6 servers.


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So you wanna run multiple CS:GO servers on your server? Just install another server and change its port? It actually shouldn't be that hard in case you "have a lot of knowledge on how to put a csgo server, etc.".
Did that solve your question or did I misunderstand it?

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