Question Server TS3 shutdown alone?

Discussion in 'Server' started by DroppedInTheSky, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. DroppedInTheSky

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    After a month of having 7 virtual servers, they began to close every 1 or 2 hours without any reason o_O

    I am using ts3 server

    I read another post asking the same but asked for the __0.log file so here it is, I hope they can help me

    _0.log file:

    I create again the servers and i get this __0.log file:

    Sorry for my english, isnt so good :(
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  2. RamboFR05TY

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    Hey man on line 92 and 59 you can see that its being shutdown due to it being unable to connect to licensing emulator maybe check if its running and if its not use the script to do a repair install

    hope that helps
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  3. DroppedInTheSky

    DroppedInTheSky New Member

    Use the script and apparently it has been fixed but now I have another problem, when trying to connect I get this:

    "The TSDNS server '-' does not know '-'"

    Hide the IP for my reasons, it works with the IP number but I would like it to work with the other.

    Any idea how to fix it?
  4. RamboFR05TY

    RamboFR05TY New Member

    Did you set up TSDNS?
    if so there should be a file in your install with a file like this:
    #   ***This is the configuration file for the TSDNS server***
    # The format is always "ident=value", where:
    # ident is a host-name, which should at least for the right hand side be a
    # valid (DNS) host-name.
    # On a box known via DNS as "" sensible idents might be
    # "" or "".
    # Also allowed is "*" as first character of an ident, which matches any
    # queries that end with what follows the star. For example "*" matches
    # always, providing a default answer. "*" matches every query
    # that ends with "", like "".
    # The value side is always an IP possibly followed by a ':' and then either
    # a port of the special string "$PORT".
    # Also allowed as value is the special string "NORESPONSE", which makes the
    # TSDNS server answer not answer this query...this can be useful in scenarios
    # where multiple TSDNS servers exist and you wish to let "the other" TSDNS
    # server handle this request. Or you wish regular domain resolving to take
    # place for some cases.
    # Example: The TSDNS server runs on on a box reachable as both as
    # "" and as ""
    # So we might configure:
    # *
    # *=$PORT
    # This way, now clients can connect to "" to reach the test
    # server, but if they still have the old "" in their
    # bookmarks, it will also work thanks to the "*=$PORT" line, which
    # acts as a backwards compatibility mechanism in this case, for everybody not
    # using the new TSDNS names to connect.
    # Starting server version 3.0.13 ipv6 values can also be specified. These are
    # formated along the line of rfc2732 using [ and ] to encapsulate the address.
    # For example the localhost port 9987 in ipv6 format would be [::1]:9987. Also
    # starting 3.0.13, it is possible to specify a list of ip's on a line. An
    # example would be to specify an ipv4 and ipv6 address, but multiple ipv4 and
    # ipv6 addresses seperated by a space are allowed. Older clients that do not
    # support ipv6 and multi value replies, will only recieve the first ipv4
    # address on the line. For example:
    # will only send to the older clients.
    # Lines starting with "#" are ignored by the tsdns server, so to make any
    # actual configuration you must remove the "#" infront.
    # Note that if you want to use any non ascii characters you may do so,
    # but you should make sure to store this configuration file as UTF8 encoded
    # document.
    and just edit it accordingly

    if you want you can PM me the ts ill join and help will also be faster
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