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Simple & Clean Channel Creator. [Web]

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    Simple & Clean Channel Creator. [Web] - Simple & Clean Channel Creator. [Web]

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  2. Reserved For Updates.

    30-06.- Created Scipt
    30-06 Fix HTTP ERROR  500
    30-06 Added $Order In config.php
    30-06 Added $NICK_QUERY In config.php
    01-07 Fix Error Thanks to @DifferentUser
    01-07 Reupload To Dropbox
    01-07 Reupload Virustotal

    NOTE: REMOVE Line: 113 in index.php , xd ECHO DEBUGS xd

    Mod Plz Move tu public area.
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  3. Ramadi

    Ramadi Member

    HTTP ERROR 500
    and it's drop after connecting to server

    also, add
    $NICK_QUERY "nvm";
    to ur config
  4. I will upload new files. in 1 or 2 hours.
  5. Test Again bro.
  6. Ramadi

    Ramadi Member

    Blank page right now :(
  7. Give me PHP Version , Where are you use ?

    more details pls.

    You are connected to Teamspeak 3 ?
  8. Archie

    Archie Member

    Managed to get it working eventually, would you be able to make it only do it if a client has a certain server group, I'm going to do some research on how to do it but if you know how that'd be great, If I find out i'll let you guys know how to here.
  9. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Head Moderator

    Well, yes that's able to be created, but it still unsecure, if someone share his teamspeak uid with his friends, they can create as many servers as they want!
    So, the best way to include this stuff in a dashboard that you need to login, and from there create a restriction to one server only!
  10. decon20

    decon20 Member

    Hi, nice job! Can you edit this to create sub channels? Thanks
  11. a question....

    You are using $_SESSION but never open a Session?
  12. Archie

    Archie Member

    That's another thing I wan't to do is build a dashboard but I have no idea were to start XD I think you have to start off with a admin panel off some sort but once I got it started Ill be fine.
  13. SulimanAbdualziz

    SulimanAbdualziz New Member

    The Link download was broken please fix
  14. I can do that for centain Server Groups. i can add Login System For You , And You can put UID.

    Yep , I Will do for you this night . You like 1 o 2 Subchannels ? , you like Spacer at top and bot ?

    lool, thats its the problem in error 500 o blanck page , thanks mate xd

    i Will reupload in 4 hours im at work.
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  15. decon20

    decon20 Member

    [QUOTE="EscuderoKevin, post:

    Yep , I Will do for you this night . You like 1 o 2 Subchannels ? , you like Spacer at top and bot ?

    Hi, thanks for the quick answer. If it's possible, I want cspacer and 2 subchannels please. And a Spacer at top.
    Like this
    [cspacer]Channel name
    Channel 1
    Channel 2

    Thanks ;)
  16. Ok. I will do ,

    • Channel Name.
    • Random Password
    • Move Client
    • Send Password of Channel
    • Other ?
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  17. decon20

    decon20 Member

    Thats fine, but it is possible create a spacer with random name to separate the rooms when someone create? Above maybe.

  18. Yep , Random name top and bot ?

  19. Its Ready , sendme PM plz.



    Still Wait pls. i do that for you on monday!
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  20. decon20

    decon20 Member

    Ok, I will send ;)

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