Tutorial Spoofer - Check IP spoofing on server

Discussion in 'Botnets' started by Mariusz, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Mariusz

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    1. How to use?
    DL && Scan
    You need to register to view spoilers!
    2.Upload to server
    3.Add chmod

    You need to register to view spoilers!
    You need to register to view spoilers!

    What next? (Allow your test results to be shared publicly? [yes/no/quit])
    We recomended "no" for hide your results for ciada projects.

    5. Check spoofing enabled.
    Go to link > http://spoofer.caida.org/report.php?xxxxxxxx

    Find "Largest neighbor prefix that can be spoofed"
    If you have /8 or /9 you have IP spoofing enabled!
    You need to register to view spoilers!

    6. It's all, Have fun and spoof :D
  2. SmiNta

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    Hey, great tutorial but it's just for mine server or we can spoof in all TS servers ?
  3. dedmen

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  4. the new version needed, and i cant dl the new version, is there any site like this? or can you upload new version for me?
  5. Ruinous

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    What is Spoofing ?
  6. ehthe

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    What is google, what is wikipedia, what is don't derail thtread ?
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  7. Ruinous

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    ohh you are so funny shut up !
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  9. domex85

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    Do you have any spoofable hosting ?
  10. FantuxModz

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    New version error please fix
  11. X-Ecutioner

    X-Ecutioner Contributor

    I don't understand
    Need last version ? Spoofer-1.0.6

    Allow your test results to be shared publicly? [yes/no/quit] yes
    >> Connecting to server...
    >> Confirming IPv4 connectivity...
    *** Warn: This client is no longer supported; please upgrade.

    *** Warn: Please upgrade your client software

    Test Complete.
    Your test results:
  12. upload the new version script man
    BADVERSION < can u see? this one dont show the result
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