[STEAM]Idling hours with any game.


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1. Download and install node.js
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2. Install node-steam for node.js
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3. Write a bot script - this is very easy. Here is some sample code that idles CSGO, Dota2, TF2, and L4D2:
4. Save this to afk.js
var Steam = require('steam');
var fs = require('fs');
var bot = new Steam.SteamClient();

if (fs.existsSync('sentryfile'))
    var sentry = fs.readFileSync('sentryfile');
    console.log('[STEAM] Login with Sentry ');
      accountName: '',
      password: '',
      shaSentryfile: sentry
    console.log('[STEAM] Login without sentry');
      accountName: '',
      password: '',
      authCode: ''
bot.on('loggedOn', function() {
    console.log('[STEAM] Successfull login');
    console.log('[STEAM] Starting Dota2.');

bot.on('sentry', function(sentryHash){
    console.log('[STEAM] Got the sentry file.');
    fs.writeFile('sentryfile',sentryHash,function(err) {
    } else {
      console.log('[FS] Succesfully save the sentry file to your computer.');

bot.on('error', function(e) {
console.log('[STEAM] ERROR - Login Failed');
    if (e.eresult == Steam.EResult.InvalidPassword)
    console.log('Reason : Wrong Password');
    else if (e.eresult == Steam.EResult.AlreadyLoggedInElsewhere)
    console.log('Reason : You are logged in some where.');
    else if (e.eresult == Steam.EResult.AccountLogonDenied)
    console.log('Reason : You need SteamGuard Code to login.');
How to run?
Find Node Command prompt and type
node afk.js

Ask here when you have any errors.
There is no risk until you boost more than 30 accounts with the same ip
Well, ive tried the Steam Idle Master and i've avoided games that could potentially get me a "ban" if i forget to exit the steam idle master program and enter a server thats VAC secureed. I'll try it out :)
So, does this boosting have a multiplier or ? As i've seen on the Linux version a SS of 20 000 hours CS GO? In 5 years, ive got like 15 000- 15 500 h of playing cs 1.6, and 80-90% of the time i've played it xD
hey, Im kinda new to this and dont really know what im doing but following your steps I get these errors in my node command prompt:

SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
at Object.exports.runInThisContext (vm.js:76:16)
at Module._compile (module.js:542:28)
at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:579:10)
at Module.load (module.js:487:32)
at tryModuleLoad (module.js:446:12)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:438:3)
at Module.runMain (module.js:604:10)
at run (bootstrap_node.js:394:7)
at startup (bootstrap_node.js:149:9)
at bootstrap_node.js:509:3

have a nice day,

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