Steam Profile "Exploit"?

Discussion in 'Security Discussion' started by B1uscr34m, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. B1uscr34m

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  2. ehthe

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  3. Kleberstoff

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    It's fixed by now, check the profile of the guy that made the video.
  4. ehthe

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  5. riko1337

    riko1337 New Member

    Its not fixed, it is still possible to catch the session id.
  6. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me VIP

    Mind explaining how? Because this method definitely doesn't work anymore.
  7. CanadiansEh

    CanadiansEh Contributor

    The method that went viral was fixed, Me and a few friends have found another method that allows us to currently do the same as what the current one does but we've yet to beta test the new method to the full extent so we don't have it's full capability's yet.
  8. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me VIP

    Got some proof of concept for that?
  9. Derp

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  10. Kieran

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    Guess not lol
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  11. CanadiansEh

    CanadiansEh Contributor

    They fixed Guide Exploit, Not the one we found, We're hoping on keeping it low profile for now till we can find a proper purpose for it.
  12. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me VIP

    Proper purpose? You should make it HIGH profile so that it gets popular and valve fixes it :T
  13. CanadiansEh

    CanadiansEh Contributor

    I've been with steam since 2003, basically when they were created, I don't wish release it or allow people to find out how to do it again since it allows for too much abuse.
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